Ways to Earn Money in 2020
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Ways to Earn Money in 2020

The world is transitioning to online platforms. It is no surprise that 2020 marks the year when most of the industries and businesses have shifted online. So, it is only wise to improvise and use your degrees to start earning online. 

  • Blogging: 

This is for almost everyone. Blogging is the most accessible, most flexible, and most fun way to earn money online.  

If you are a doctor, make a health blog. You can post your advice and suggestions for your readers, daily. You can recommend them medicated things for different treatments. You can even spread awareness regarding different health and disease topics. After all, what is better than a doctor, who is also an influencer? 

It works for all kinds of artists as well. Use your blogs to show the world what you have. Be it music, painting, photography, anything; you name it; just post your art. Post about the things people aren’t generally aware of. Build an audience who admires your artwork. Tell them what keeps you motivated. Give guidance to young artists. And just keep going. 

If you are an aspiring journalist, you are in the right place as well. Right about whatever is going on in the world. Since you won’t be influenced or pressurized by any media channel, you will have the freedom to speak on anything from any angle. You can write about the current issues in the world. How can we all contribute to resolving those issues? And basically, anything, until it is not biased. 

You can blog, no matter who you are. If you are still studying, you can write about your passions, dream, travel diaries, and anything. You can use your blog as a mean of writing daily journals, for the world to see. 

If you are an aspiring Psychiatrist or Psychologist, this is for you too. Post your advice on everyday issues of people, especially teenagers. Write recommendations for parents to deal with their children. Spread awareness regarding different mental health issues. And be an easy to access psychologist online. 

Thus, blogging can be a full-time business. It all depends on how many hours you are willing to put in your work. Obviously, you won’t earn money instantly, but you will eventually. So, sit back, enhance what you are good at, and it will ultimately pay you back. 

  • Online Shops 

Who doesn’t want to shop from the comfort of their bed? In 2020, when deadly microscopic beings are waiting to attack us outside, we all would prefer buying stuff online. Anything can be sold this way, and you don’t even need a license for it.  

If you think you are good at baking, make an online bakery. It really has 0 investment. You can start with a food blog and post daily recipes, and hacks. Once you know, you have an audience, start selling your products online. Send PR packages to other influencers for their reviews. And that’s all; you have an online bakery. Afterall, food and weddings are two things in Pakistan, who’s business rarely faces bankruptcy in Pakistan. 

Aspiring Fashion designers can also play in this field. Just start with two to three designs of yours, and grow from there. But make sure you start with the same type of clothing. For example, if you want your brand to be an eastern ware, don’t introduce western clothing in the start. You can always expand in the future, but focusing on a single thing is essential in the beginning. 

In spite of this, you can literally make a shop for anything. Be it books, stationaries, makeup, anything. Just use your mind and try not to be basic.

Ask yourself; why would people want to buy from me, when they have so many established brands to buy from?

 Find your wow factor (something that makes you and your brand unique, and stick to it). Be patient and don’t give up. You can start your online shop, just by making a single Instagram account. 

  • Software Developing and Graphic Designing. 

Certain things need you to have specific prerequisite knowledge. Among those things are; Software Development, Web Development, Graphic Designing, Animation, Programming, Coding etc.  

You don’t need to major in Computer Science or Software Engineering. If you have that degree, that is a positive aspect. You might save a few months. But this guide is for those who are not even aware of the basics of programming. 

Firstly, programming refers to the set of instructions you give to your computer. Secondly, you don’t need a degree for this. Thirdly, the demand for professionals in this field is much more than supply, so these are very high paying jobs.  

If you are willing to dedicate four full months of your life, this is for you. There is no shortcut to this. You will have to spend at least four months to learn this. 

Most sites offer free courses for this. Since the demand for computer science-related jobs is quite a lot, most universities have made their courses free and online. Use websites like EDX, Coursera, and Udemy, to prepare for this. They have lectures for the IVY leagues, and Oxbridge. Do almost every course present on the sites (start with introductory courses). 

Following that, make two or three projects, and try selling them. If you managed to do it, that is excellent, otherwise, spend a little more time. 

The best advice for this is to learn as many languages as possible. But master in either Python or Java. And don’t spend a dime on any course, because everything is available online. 

Lastly, this age of digitalization comes with a lot of incentives. While there might be a lot of competition, there are a lot of opportunities as well. The trick is to let your brain wander. Convince your mind to get out of the regular jobs and business mindset. Find you wow factor, and don’t let it go.  

As mentioned before, success will not come to you instantly, but stick to it, and dedicate yourself to it, and will come surely.

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