Underage Girls Being Misused at Darul Aman

Darul Aman – a shelter for all those who don’t have their own place to live. Orphans, poor and those who are left by their own family, may live in Darul Aman. Though Darul Aman might be the last place where one would want to live, there are thousands and thousands of people who are living there, especially young girls, and they call Darul Aman their home. But what it feels when one is not safe even in a place that is home to him/her? Think about it. 

Underage girls being misused at Darul Aman recently a woman, who is basically a superintendent at kashana Darul Aman in Lahore, claimed that one of the government officials is forcing her to marry underage girls to fulfill the demands of some ministers and government officials. 

Disgusting, right? 

It’s said that when ten wolves are sitting together. They select a wolf who won’t be able to save and protect himself. Then they attack that wolf, eat his flesh until the bones are left only. It’s a story though, that is what’s happening somewhere in Pakistan. The weakest person is destroyed till death. A recent case that is being discussed almost on every other platform shows how all the wolves eat the weakest. 

Darul Aman, a welfare department, is supported by the funds. Through the funds given to the department, clothes, foods, education, and other necessary things are provided to the people living in Darul Aman. This way, their basic needs, and demands are fulfilled. Of course, we cannot claim that children live happily over there and enjoy their lives as they could have done if they would have lived with their own families. But of course, those who live in Darul Aman have somehow the same stories. Therefore, they share their grief and sorrow. They support and help each other through thick and thin. Also, they are kept safe and away from society’s filth. 

Having said that, the place where safety should be the first priority, unfortunately, the girls are being misused at Kashana Darul Aman in Lahore. 

So here is what happened a few days back

A woman, named Afshan Lateef was appointed as a superintendent in April 2019 at Kashana Darul Aman. After some time, Afshan Lateef forwarded a complaint that she was being pressurized by director-general Afshan Kiran Imtiaz to marry underage girls, mostly girls of 16 and 17 years, to fulfill the demands of ministers and government officials. She said even the rooms used to be decorated in Darul Aman as girls would stay here. However, Because of the complaint, the Chief Miniter’s Inquiry Team started the inquiry. After the inquiry, director-general Afshan Kiran Imtiaz was removed from the post. 

No funds are now provided to the Darul Aman 

On the other hand, CMIT started pressurizing Afshan Lateef to take back her statement. Upon refusing to take back her statement, they stopped providing funds to Kashana Darul Aman, trying to deprive girls of food, clothes, and even education. Holding back the budgetary allocations to the department shows how low one can go. 

The girls in the welfare department who deserve respect are being misused. The government officials are misusing them for their own benefit. 

Removing all the important evidence 

The woman wrote a letter to the government official on 25th November and warned him to stop pressurizing her in this regard as it is about the safety of the young girls, but unfortunately, on 26th November, she was ordered to leave the department. Another video message of the woman came where she was crying and asking to save the young girls as she said few police came to arrest her from Darul Aman. In the video, the helpless girls were crying too. 

The answer to the question of why she was asked to leave the department is obvious. 

Firstly, to remove all the evidence because by removing the evidence, no one would be able to accuse them of this unlawful act, and the culprits would get rid of the punishment or would blame someone else. 

Secondly, very few people have the guts to expose people and to stand for the rights of those who are surely the responsibility of everyone. Removing her from the post would obviously be the right thing to do for the culprits. 

This case has raised so many important questions 

  • This is not the 1st case. Many cases happened in the past, but this is one of its kind as it raises questions like 
  • Are children safe in such welfare departments? 
  • Is this the 1st case? Who knows that nothing has ever happened before? 
  • Who can give a guarantee that such incidents won’t happen again? 
  • Who else is involved in incidents like this? 
  • What kind of steps would the government take now? 


Let’s see how higher authorities help these young girls. The wolves are still out there doing what they want. Here I have concluded a few things 

The authority needs to be filtered. The filth is still there, and the actions of few are destroying the image of others and obviously of Pakistan. It’s high time; the government should take action and create an example for everyone so no one in the future will ever think about such acts. If those who ought to protect us keep a bad eye on the citizens of Pakistan, then surely we are not heading towards the right direction. 

This time someone stood up against the higher authority. If actions are not taken, then nobody will stand for the rights of others. Also, removing the woman shows that speaking for the right of someone would leave you empty-handed. 

We all should stand by young girls and make sure the culprits get what they deserve.

Fizzah Temur
Fizzah Temur


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