Top 5 Substitute Apps for WhatsApp

Top 5 Substitute Apps for WhatsApp

The recent change in WhatsApp privacy policy broke all hell loose.

WhatsApp’s decision to share the data it collects with Facebook has faced much retaliation since Facebook is notorious for exploiting data in the past.

As a result, many WhatsApp users have boycotted the app and are shifting to other alternatives like Signal and Telegram.

Read the full article to learn about the policy changes and some of the top apps you could use instead of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Privacy Policy

On January 6, WhatApp released its new privacy policy, which states that WhatsApp will share your data with its parent company, Facebook.

This data includes your phone number and location that WhatsApp collects. Failure to agree with the privacy policy by February 8 could result in the termination of your account.

This change also entails that Facebook will share your data with its other apps such as Instagram and Messenger. Such a policy change has been an option since WhatsApp became a part of Facebook, but now it is a reality.

When two companies merge, the most significant risk and concern is the breach of data, along with the fear that someone out there knows more about you.

However, the privacy policy change does not mean that WhatsApp can share your private messages or call history. WhatsApp has assured that all the private conversations are end-to-end encrypted. Meaning no one, including WhatsApp, has access to your private chats.

Alternative Apps

Despite your chats’ safety, the sharing of your phone number and location is a massive privacy breach in itself. Many celebrities, including Elon Musk, have asked people to consider switching to other apps.


Top 5 Substitute Apps for WhatsApp
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Telegram is the most popular alternative to WhatsApp. It has the most likable features to WhatsApp and uses the same double tick system to show the message status.

It was developed in 2013 by Nikoli and Pavel Durov – two Russian brothers responsible for creating Russia’s largest social network. With over 500 million active users as of 2021, Telegram is indeed giving WhatsApp a run for its money.

Pros of Using Telegram

  • Open API
  • Heavily encrypted messages
  • It gives the option of “Secret Chat,” which lets you self destruct messages.
  • It lets you access chats from multiple devices.
  • No limit on the size of the media you share
  • Groups can hold up to 200,000 members.
  • Allows video and voice call options
  • Has a cloud backup

Cons of Using Telegram

  • You have to turn on encryption manually.

Rating on Google Play Store: 4.5 stars


Top 5 Substitute Apps for WhatsApp

Signal is another easy to use and free messaging app. Launched in 2014, it is by far the most secure app of its kind.

The interface is straightforward and offers almost all the essential functions of a messaging app. The android version of Signal can also double as the default SMS app on the phone.

Due to its strongly encrypted policy, Elon Musk has also prompted his followers to shift to Signal instead of WhatsApp.

Pros of Using Signal

  • Strong end-to-end encryption
  • Open-source encryption
  • Allows Voice and Video call
  • Has the option of disappearing messages
  • No location trackers
  • Has a desktop app to access chats from your computer

Cons of Using Signal

  • No animated emoji stickers (you have to import your own phone’s emojis)

Rating on Google Play Store: 4.5 stars


Top 5 Substitute Apps for WhatsApp

Wire is another option for a secure end-to-end encrypted messaging app. It was founded by the co-founder of Skype, Janus Friis. 

European Data Retention laws protect it, so a breach of privacy is not an issue.

Wire is also available on all significant platforms, boasting all the messaging app services with a few additional features that make it fun and useful.

It has the option for optimization of file size before sending and also lets you customize the font within the chat.

Pros of Using Wire

  • Gives end-to-end encryption
  • Has the option of times messages
  • Can be accessed from 8 synced devices simultaneously
  • Has the option of bold, italics font
  • You can optimize the file size.
  • Option to create lists within chats
  • Good for professional organizations

Cons of Using Wire

  • Paid app; not free

Rating on Google Play Store: 3.6 stars


Top 5 Substitute Apps for WhatsApp

Rakuten Viber, also known as Viber, is VoIP and IM service launched by Rakuten in 2010. It is free, secure, and available on all the big platforms.

The user interface of Viber is simple and easy to use. The login requires only your cellphone number, which makes the registration process very easy.

The accessibility of the chats from the desktop makes it a very convenient app to use.

Pros of Using Viber

  • It is free
  • It is secure
  • Allows both video and voice calls
  • Accessible from phone and desktop both
  • Allows group chats and calls
  • Has a wide range of stickers and Gifs
  • Wide range of file transfer

Cons of Using Viber

  • Limit to the size of file sharing
  • Contains ads
  • Automatically saves everything to the phone’s memory.

Rating on Google Play Store: 4.4 stars


Top 5 Substitute Apps for WhatsApp

Ideally, the most popular messaging and social media platform, WeChat, is called China’s “app for everything.” Launched over a decade ago by Tencent, it has over a billion active users as of 2019. 

It has a plethora of functions such as in house video games, sharing of media on Memories, and the option to share the location.

Although it is a popular app, it shares most of its data with Chinese authorities due to Chinese ownership, making it an unreliable app in terms of privacy.

Pros of Using WeChat

  • Text messaging
  • Hold-to-talk voice messaging
  • Broadcasting
  • Sharing media on Memories
  • In house video games
  • Video conferencing
  • Group chats
  • Excellent for communication with Chinese businesses

Cons of Using WeChat

  • Unreliable security
  • Sharing of data with Chinese authorities

Rating on Google Play Store: 3.6 stars

Happy Texting!

WhatsApp’s privacy policy has come as a shock to most people since the app is closer than home. But when the going gets tough, wise decisions need to be made.

Now that you have learned a detailed analysis of the top messaging apps of 2021, you can make a learned decision about which app to switch to and which app is the most useful for your needs.

Remember to always keep your privacy at a top priority before using an app!

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