Today’s India and the Indian Muslims

Today’s India and the Indian Muslims

Who is not aware of the holocaust? The seminal tragedy of the previous century? The tragedy that left entire Europe to deal with an unbearable and unhealable wound of losses? Well, history seems to be repeating itself in a different location on the globe. History seems to be repeating itself, but instead of Europe, the mass tragedy and the Holocaust appear to be happening again in the state of India.

It can’t really be a coincidence that the Muslims of India are going through an experience, under the tenure of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, that is no different from what the Jews of Nazi Germany faced during the dreadful tenure of Adolf Hitler. They are excluded from society; they face brutalities and racial violence based upon their religion and belief. They are presented and portrayed negatively and are victims of biased opinions on the mainstream media. Should the world prepare for a major catastrophe once again?

Just like the representation of Jews in the films and press media, during the rule of Nazi Germany, Muslims are portrayed as the villains and bad people in Indian cinema and media. Muslims are shown as terrorists, gangsters, smugglers, anti-state actors, and every negative role found in the world. You name it.

The worshipers of Hindutva, and RSS, the Hindu nationalists and extremists share one and the same ideologies that of Nazis. This makes these nationalists no less criminals than Nazis, making Narender Modi no less than the oppressor and terrorist Adolf Hitler.

The Hindu Nationalists are endorsing horrific and barbaric forms of tortures against Muslims, this includes: filling the detention centers by imprisoning Muslims, raids of police officers on the Muslim mosques, assault of police officers on the Jamia University (yes they haven’t even spared an education center), inhumane beatings in public of young and elderly Muslims, destroying the houses and properties of Muslims and defending their actions by stating “holy cow protection.” In their homes.

These Hindu extremists kill any Muslim who is found eating meat, especially beef. The irony is that internationally, India is known as the largest exporter of beef, and it has drastically increased since Narendra Modi took the office. This hypocrite and the anti-Muslim state of India seems to have one agenda only “wipe the Muslims from the Hindu Land.”

Thus, without a doubt, history is repeating itself, with India being the new Germany. Just like Jews were seen as traitors, enemies, and disloyal, by the Nazis, Indian Muslims from Assam to Kashmir, are considered the enemies of the state and have to prove their loyalty to the country and this dictatorship, that they call democracy.

Early this year, in February of 2020 to be precise, a video that had gotten out, went viral and started to spread like wildfire. It showed how a few police officers ganged upon five unarmed men, and they injured every part of their body with their brutalities. As they were inhumanely beaten, they were also asked to sing the National Anthem of India.

This barbarous event took place in the town of Kardampuri, a neighboring city of Delhi in the northeast. One of the brutally injured men, Faizan a twenty-three years old Indian Muslim, died, as the injuries given to him by the police officers proved fatal, and he lost the battle of his life on 26, February 2020, two days after this act of aggression, against humans for being Muslims.

Fifty-two more people had lost their lives in the communal violence of three days, which has broken out in the Capital city of India, Delhi. More than 200 people were injured, a lot of properties were destroyed. And communities also had to get displaced for the fear of Hindu mob’s targeted attacks on the Muslims. However, it is essential to mention that despite the fact that the lives that were lost had a Muslim majority, a policeman and a few Hindus also were killed during those days.

The Muslims of India, are continually facing threats and risks for their lives, as a result of violence against them, since the ruling party of India “Bharatiya Janata Party” (BJP), a Hindu nationalist party, who believes their religion possess superiority over every other religion, under the command of its leader Narendra Modi took the office of Prime Minister in 2014.

Faizan was brutally and painfully murdered, for he found himself in a massacre amidst the rising in communal tensions in the state of India. December 12, 2019, is a crucial date in the history of Muslims of India. This was the day when Narendra Modi and his administration got approved the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). This is a discriminatory Citizenship Act, under which religion was given the power to determine the basis for granting individual citizenship, for the first time in the nation’s history.

As per the new law, irregular non-Muslim immigrants’ asylum were tracked fastly, from Muslim majority countries around India: Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. This amended law, along with the government’s push for citizenship verification throughout the nation through the procedures of the National Population Register (NRP) and National Register of Citizens (NRC), had one sole purpose; identification of the illegal immigrants. This has resulted in the immense fear in the hearts of almost every Muslim in India.

This includes the families of Muslims who have lived here and spent generations contributing to their land. They could be taken away from their homes anytime, as a result of their citizenship being taken away and they being disenfranchised.

Thus, the amendment act has given a feeling of alienation to the Muslims in their own homes. They live a hopeless life, for they can literally be thrown out, murdered, tortured any day, by the nationalists who view them as enemies of the state. As long as the Modi government remains in the office, the situation is only anticipated to aggravate, not get better. Modi is a terrorist, and his followers are criminals.

About Mukarma Jawad

Founder and Operational Director at Taleem-ED. Writer, and Education & Youth Activist, based in Pakistan.

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