The Wedding Season in Pakistan!

The Wedding Season in Pakistan!

Winter is the wedding season in Pakistan

Weddings are considered to be an agreement between two people in love and a promise that they will spend their lives together. However, in Pakistan, it is a rather pressure over the family to organize as grand and lavish wedding as possible. These are considered the best months to visit or host an event in Pakistan, and people take considerable advantage of the pleasant weather, to arrange their weddings. Not only the malls, designer shops, and salons and beauty parlors are crowded but also the street markets, tailors, and stalls are open till midnight.

Every parent in Pakistan has some invisible pressure over them to arrange a lavish and exotic wedding for their son or daughter, and they are ready to put all their incomes and savings on the line for it, no matter how much it costs.

Weddings in Pakistan are not at all similar to weddings in the west. It is not just a wedding ceremony with a fancy dinner afterward. Instead, it is a week-long with three to five events, for which preparations go on for six months or so. There are a lot of aspects of a Pakistani wedding that must be covered by the family that influences how successful it is.

Wedding hall or Banquet

The Wedding Season in Pakistan!

This may sometimes become the most stressful, time-consuming, and the most expensive thing in the wedding preparation. You have a specific date in mind for which you have to book the wedding hall five or six months before or else the hall is not available. This is why one has to keep on moving from place to place so they can book a suitable hall at the preferred dates. Moreover, the hall should be spacious enough to accommodate all the guests, and it should also be lavish enough to impress all. The demand for these banquets is so much that they usually cost eight to ten lakh rupees for a four-hour event in winters.


The menu is the most crucial thing in a Pakistani wedding because the guests’ attention is more towards the food rather than the bride or groom. The buffet table should at least have six to eight dishes, that too, excluding the different types of bread, salad variety, and desserts. Some people even tend to arrange for an appetizer for the guests. Biryani is a must on the menu, and if you include the prawns or fish on the menu, the whole wedding is a hit.


Weddings in Pakistan means there would easily be four to five huge, lavish events. These include Mehendi, Mayoon, Barat, Walima, and Nikkah. These are the main events of a traditional Pakistani wedding, which should take place in huge wedding halls, must preferably be catered by the best caters in town, and should have a good, high-end buffet. 400-600 people are invited to these events; most of the people which the bride and groom have not even seen in their entire life. However, these are only the main events, which we are talking about. Apart from these events, there comes the dholki, which is a pre-wedding event only for immediate family members, and two or three more unnecessary gatherings in the bride or groom’s house.

Invitation Cards

It is considered impolite or rude if the wedding invitation is given by a Whatsapp message or over the phone. Therefore, the bride or groom’s family must design an appropriate and beautiful invitation card for the relatives. The card must be well designed, pretty, and should be wedding-themed. Moreover, it is not just making the card, which is hectic, but to go to each relative, and friend’s house to distribute the cards.


Perhaps the most important thing for a Pakistani family who is having a wedding in their house is shopping. From the kids to the grandparents of the house, all need to have their best look at the wedding. For women, all details matter. They go shopping six months before and still there are last-minute things or alterations left. Six to eight months is an average time for women that they take for shopping for their family wedding.

Furthermore, the foremost rule is that they cannot repeat the clothes that they have worn in another wedding or event. All the women want their dress to be the best, and they should be the center of attention. As far as men are concerned, their shopping also takes time. Sometimes, all the men of the family plan to wear the same color or the same type of clothes in one of the events.


With the wedding season comes fashion. All the young boys and girls try to wear or execute a style of dress, which is trendy. For example, before, shalwar kameez or kurta is what men used to wear at a Mehendi or mayoon. Then there came a time of wearing a waistcoat over the shalwar kameez. Now, there are a lot of weddings where men wear a prince coat, which makes them look more formal.


No Pakistani wedding is complete without eight to ten visits to the jewelers. The women of the family all visit the jewelers a number of times to design gold or diamond set for themselves. Moreover, the bride’s mother also has the pressure to buy a very exotic jewelry set for her daughter to wear at her wedding or as a wedding gift.

These are some of the aspects that need to be covered at a Pakistani wedding. However, these kinds of weddings sometimes pressurize a middle-class family to organize a wedding, which they cannot afford. All these luxuries, designer wears, huge wedding halls, and crazy menu options make people avoid the true spirit of weddings. Instead, everyone should come to a marriage to be a part of the bride and groom’s happiness and not pressurize them to have a high-end wedding.

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