The Uncertain Times
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The Uncertain Times

Saying that the year 2020 is “canceled”, or “jinxed” is an understatement, because literally, this year has brought everyone to their knees. From the President of the United States to legit the person reading this. And the realization that this is just the sixth month of this horrific year is pretty scary. These are, without doubt, extremely uncertain times. 

Everday as the skies welcome the sun with open arms, and the rays from this magnificent being hit our eyes, anxiety rushes through our entire spine. Who is going to die today? How many more cases of Corona Virus are here today? Is the situation getting worse? Is there any other natural disaster waiting for us? Is this end of the world yet?

Unarguable, the entire world, the whole human race is going through pretty tough times at the moment. Every other person is going through mental health problems; depression, insomnia, anxiety, have become common. It might feel like dying every single day, and maybe that is why it might look more comfortable for people to give up on their life, once and for all. After all, it is better than choking and suffocating every single day. 

A few days before, we had it everywhere on headlines and our social media accounts that the Indian actor, Sushant Singh Rajput, has died by committing suicide. It was the kind of news that gives you chills for a very long time. What problems did a wealthy, famous person, with so many friends on social media, might have that would push him over the edge, without giving him second thoughts?

The problem is simple: humans need humans to survive.

We need clothing. We need shelter. We need food and water. We also need money. But we need them to keep alive our body, to keep it healthy and functioning, but that is not all we need to survive our days in this world. We need to take care of our mental health as well, which is as important as our physical health. And to keep our mind healthy and our brain fully-functional, we need the company of human beings; we need companions.

Can one talk to the printed papers in one’s bank account? Can one cry his heart out in front of one’s huge bungalow? Can one count on millions of online followers to help one when in times of crisis? The answer to all these aforementioned questions is a BIG NO. We need our fellow human beings, people next to us, for all these things. We need people to share our successes; we need people to wipe our tears and make us stand when we fall.

When Alexander the Great was dying, his dying wish was to get his body buried, but his hands should be left above the ground. Curious people often asked him the reason for his strange request, and he would always say them, “Let people see that the man who conquered more than half of this world has nothing in his hand, as he is departing from the face of this world.”

Everything we earn, every possession we will have will be left behind us. All we would need at the end of the day is a 6ft of land under the ground, but there is a famous saying that goes by “You do not die until there is still a person left who remembers you.” That is how vital our relation with other humans is. After our death, we live through the memories we shared with those loved ones, not through the expensive real estate in our names or substantial bank balance. We live in the laughter of our friends when they remember the times spent with us. We live in the tears that our family sheds every time we will cross their mind. We live in our children, and their children, when they grow up to share our features and traits. We live on, long after we are gone, in humans, that surrounded us when we were alive.

So yeah, this is an uncertain time, but when was the time certain? When did the clock move its needles according to our wishes? We have always lived in uncertain times, and we always will. We do not know what will happen next or when will the next pandemic, or earthquake, or famine-hit us, but what we do know is that no difficulty is hard enough when you are surrounded by the right people. This has become particularly hard due to social-distancing, but even if we are divided by distances, we can get united by technology, and keep a check on each other through that.

We cannot say this with utmost certainty if you, me, or anyone around us might be able to survive this time, but the least we could do is not make these times harder than they should be, for literally anyone.

The words we say, the actions we perform might have a very long-lasting effect on people around us. They might kill them, but they might also save them. So, let’s survive these uncertain times together. Let’s give a lot of positive things to people to remember about us, so that even if we did not manage to survive these disasters, at least we would continue to live through them.

Let us be there for every single person out there. Let us make ourselves worthy and reliable enough for people to share their problems with us. Let us fight for our survival and the survival of the ones around us. Let us keep going and keep dragging as many people as possible with us, no matter how severely wounded we are or how badly we want to give up. Listen to the problems of others. For lending your ear today is better than attending a funeral tomorrow. Let us live and let live!

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