The Killing of Hazara Coal Miners

One of the promises which Pakistan’s leaders made when Pakistan gained independence was that everyone would have been given the liberty and freedom to practice and choose religion. However, the recent governments have, and authorities have failed to deliver the promises made by our leaders.

The recent killing of the Hazara miners in Balochistan has shaken the whole nation. The incident has forced the Hazara community to come out on roads and protest for their rights as they have faced similar attacks in the past.

The attack on the coal miners took place at the time of dawn on Sunday. The coal miners were asleep at the Mach Coal Mines when armed terrorists kidnapped eleven miners and took them to the nearby mountains. When the authorities found the bodies of the miners, six of them were already dead. The rest of them were severely injured and wounded and died on the way to the hospital. Four of them were beheaded.

As mentioned earlier, this is not the first time that the Shia Hazara community have been targeted. There have been numerous attacks on them in the past, just for the fact that they are a minority in Pakistan. The Hazara community members are on highways and roads of Quetta, with strong protests across the city. They are demanding strict actions from the authorities against the killers and have refused to bury the dead bodies until the killers are not punished. A famous slogan is being used in the protest and on social media, which is #hazaralivesmatter.

Who are the killers, and why do they succeed every time?

On the saying of SITE Intelligence, the Sunni Islamic State (IS) accepts and is responsible for the attack. IS is the militant group that conducts all jihadist activities across the globe.

However, their allies have also been involved in the killing and attacks at the Hazara community in the past. These include the Taliban, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, and other Wahabi terrorist groups. Some people also believe that Al-Qaeda is the organization behind all these attacks in Afghanistan and Balochistan.

The main reason behind these killings is due to religious extremism. The conflict has been part of Pakistan and British India’s long history, exploited by both Iran and Saudi Arabia to gain more influence in the region. The conflict has now reached levels of violence and at a point where some people say it is irresolvable.

The reason why these extremist groups have been successful is because of the fact that the past governments have ignored the safety of Hazaras. There have been numerous attacks on Hazaras in Pakistan in the 21st century. However, all the politicians have no answer or fake promises when asked about Hazaras’ safety or actions against these extremist terrorist groups that operate based on jihad.

Pakistan has conducted a military operation in Waziristan as many terrorist organizations were growing there. The army has done a great job in Waziristan as long as eradicating terrorist camps is concerned. However, suppose a similar and more long-term military operation is conducted for the Hazaras on Balochistan and Afghanistan’s borders. In that case, the threat to the Hazara community will be removed.

Reasons why the state and ISI are failing to protect Hazaras

Afghanistan and Pakistan both countries face problems of not doing enough to protect the Hazara community, as attacks on the religious minority continue to increase. The Hazara community is protesting as they feel that these attacks will surge across the country if these extremist groups are not checked.

First of all, some people believe that political commitments towards other countries bind Pakistan. Some sources say that these extremist groups have been formed and initiated by the USA and Saudis. Some people and experts believe that political rivals India also support these terrorist organizations to spread more violence, to shatter Pakistan’s social peace and economy.

The protests across Quetta and the threats of protests across the country are precisely what Pakistan’s political rivals wanted by supporting these extremist groups.

Pakistan has a lot of political rivals in the global market and international world. This is the reason why they fail to check the violence against the Hazara community. Moreover, Pakistan also has many political commitments towards other countries such as China, Saudi Arabia, and other countries in the Middle East, which might be why the government is ignoring these attacks.

Who supports these extremists and their hideouts?

As mentioned above, these terrorist organizations are mostly funded and supported by the US, Saudi Arabia, and India due to their political rivalry against Pakistan. The formation and growth of these organizations have been going on for decades now. These terrorist groups have been involved in many violent happenings across the globe, such as the 9/11 attacks and the Bombay bombings, to name a few.

These organizations and their networks have become more prominent than some of the countries around the world. Terrorism must be fought with unity, which must be formed by all countries worldwide and keep aside their political differences.

The current Hazara killings have brought about a massive protest in Balochistan and spreading throughout the country and the US, Australia, and some European countries. The province is facing extreme winter temperatures, and the people are out to support their Shia brothers. They are out in the open with the dead bodies of the coal miners as well. The protesters seem dedicated and are asking for the Prime Minister, Imran Khan, to appear at the scene, or else they refuse to end the protest and bury the dead bodies. For years, the Hazara have been targeted and attacked, and this time, they might be successful in getting justice with the help of these protests. This might be a tiny step in removing terrorism as well.

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