The Hate Factories of Pakistan
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The Hate Factories of Pakistan

Pakistanis have always been very tolerant in general towards minorities or people with different beliefs. We were more open to a multicultural society. The biggest problem Pakistan faces right now is sectarianism. It wasn’t like this in the past; we Pakistanis used to participate in one another’s religious occasions before the 80s.
Things started to change in Pakistan as our friendly and brotherly nations like Iran and Saudi Arabia began to rival each other in global politics. The US began to fear losing its grip in the region after the Islamic revolution in Iran, and Saudis started to side with the USA, which started a proxy war in the region. Afghan jihad played a crucial role in promoting sectarianism in Pakistan when thousands of jihadist fighters began to arrive for Afghan jihad through Pakistan.
Both Saudi Arabia and Iran started funding the religious madrasas, which very quickly expanded throughout Pakistan with enough funds. Both Saudi Arabia and Iran used those madrasas to preach against each other, mostly propaganda war, which created a considerable gap among Pakistanis with different beliefs. Mostly when General Zia was in power, governmental agencies were too busy in the Afghan war rather than monitoring those madrasas and stopping the flow of money to them.
Disinformation and propaganda were spread against each other to increase their influence in Pakistan, which permanently damaged the peace and brotherhood in Pakistan. Followed by the easy acquirement of weapons, it became really easy for them to form armed groups which started to attack each other people with a vital role in society. Agencies ignored this threat until the late 90s, when sectarianism reached its peak throughout the country, and it was too late.
There are enough foreign players who want to destabilize Pakistan by spreading extremism, which is the easiest way to disrupt peace in the country due to enough resources already available. The saddest part is those front soldiers here are our very own Pakistanis who are brainwashed to the extreme level that they don’t hesitate to offer their lives.
Due to our secret agencies’ negligence, they are still flourishing. Some have even managed to enter mainstream politics where the law makes it very easy for them to enter politics with a different name, and everything is good to go.
Today the west is busy fighting against diseases, unemployment, and the quest for a better life, but we are still engaged in dismantling Daesh and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. The Hazara community is the largest victim of this extremism in Pakistan. Due to fear for their lives, they have lost their jobs, educational opportunities and are mostly self-isolated in an area not bigger than 10 kilometers.
They have been targeted continuously for the last two decades, forcing them to look for other alternatives to make it through. Thousands have already moved to other countries, those who remained fight for their lives every day with little hope for their future.
The Govt has failed to eliminate those extremist groups, which can further create problems if the victims decides to pick up arms for self-defense. It will only add more trouble to the already weakening security situation in the country. The Govt and the agencies should understand the importance of this issue which is pushing us towards a dark and unstable future and should be on the top of the priority list in their agendas.

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