The Female Workforce in Karachi

The Female Workforce in Karachi

Pakistan is a country that is known to be very conservative and sensitive towards its female labor workforce. However, recent times have seen women getting more recognition and rights to work in many industries and sectors. Currently, one will hardly come across a workplace where women are not involved. In many offices, positions are already reserved for women or female employees.

In the initial years, women were offered jobs that were mediocre or of the lower hierarchy. Women were preferred for jobs that could be done from home or which don’t require technical skills. However, the scene has changed now. Women are a part of the highest positions in many huge companies, and jobs that were often preferred for men are now overtaken or offered to women.

Even though women have now been in the workforce for quite some years, they still have to face many difficulties in a lot of aspects. These include managing their professional and personal lives and facing challenges that society makes them face.

How do women contribute to the workforce?

A recent study has shown that a workplace that consists of both men and women brings diversity in the workplace. When both men and women are present, they both bring in different ranges of skills, attitudes, opinions, and perspectives. Therefore, the company has a variety of ideas and options available when they employ both genders.

It is also proven in a study that the financial statistics of a sector, company, or even the whole industry can improve when both genders are involved in a company’s production and work. This clearly shows that men and women complement each other very well if put together in the workforce.

Some economists and entrepreneurs also believe that the firm or company benefits more when women are hired as employees. They make the firm better as they enhance the skills and attitudes of other employees and bring in new and unique abilities in the firm, which motivates the whole business.

Firms often spend their time looking for ways to increase their efficiency and productivity. However, hiring females as employees is the solution to a large part of this problem. It is proven that the company has increased productivity when females are added. This might be due to the reasons mentioned above and, in turn, the whole company being motivated. Profits and other financial statistics are said to rise, which means that incomes will increase for both men and women.

Now we know that women bring a very drastic change wherever they are hired. However, the main reason for the change in a firm’s productivity, efficiency, and motivation are that women are more determined and focussed than men. When they work, they feel a sense of equality and recognition by society, after all these years of suffering and being excluded. They are well motivated and devoted, as they are thankful for their opportunity. Some even want to prove to themselves and society that they are equally good as men as far as being a part of the workforce.

Problems faced by working women in the family

When women cross one barrier of getting into the workforce and do a job, the second barrier awaits. A typical working day is said to be from 9 am to 5 pm. However, for a working woman, the working day can go on till midnight or even later. This is because they have to fulfill family obligations and duties as well. When they come home from work, most women have to take care of their children, make them do their homework, cook dinner for the whole family and then finish off any office work late at night before actually going to bed. As if this is not enough, they also have to get up early to cook breakfast and lunch for the family and send children to school. Therefore, the burden increases if a working woman has a family to look after.

Another problem faced by working women is that they are so busy and involved in their professional lives that they sometimes fail to take time out for their children. For example, handling office work and preparing your child for a test might be among the few challenges a woman faces. Sometimes, some women have to leave early for work and not wave their children goodbye. This might affect some children, and they feel that they are being neglected. Moreover, even if babysitters are hired to give children attention, many people in Pakistan do not trust them, while others cannot afford babysitters.

Social problems faced by working women

Firstly, women who work in Pakistan are appreciated much less than those who stay at home, take care of the house and their family, and fulfill their children’s duties. Working women are also appreciated less than men who work, regardless of their progress or are in a higher position. This is due to the stereotypes of the Pakistani society that a woman needs to stay in the house as men are the ones who must earn a living. Many people’s ego and honor do not allow them to rely on a woman’s income.

Secondly, a common problem for all women is that they are a target of harassment. Many women complain that they are subjected to harassment of all sorts and from all kinds of people. For example, this might include fellow employees, their manager or boss, or even the clients or customers that deal with the firm.

Another social problem that women face is that they get disrespected to spend time out of the house against their culture and family traditions. Many stereotypical individuals respect those who stay at home. The ones who work hard to earn a living are disrespected.

A problem that is quite common that working women face is that sometimes, their chances of promotion and progression are cut down. This is due to discrimination and favoritism of male employees. There are many instances when women complain that promotions, bonuses, and appreciations are given to men rather than women. They feel that it is worthless to work as some want to think that they get equal opportunities as men.

In Pakistan, women have come a long way from where they were. There was a time when women were not allowed to work due to societal pressure or not getting permission from elders. Now, a lot of households have women who work in offices, restaurants, and factories. Some have even progressed to become business owners. Indeed, Pakistan will be able to overcome stereotypes of society and remove the problems that working women face today.

Afshan Riaz Bhayani
Afshan Riaz Bhayani

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