The Fall of Mohammad Amir

Mohammad Amir is a Pakistani fast bowler who has always remained in the news for many years. Sometimes, he is in the news due to his talent, potential, and fast bowling, sometimes for his exceptional performances, and sometimes due to controversy. The biggest controversy he faced was in a match-fixing scandal in 2010.

Currently, he is in the spotlight due to his decision to retire from international cricket as he disapproves of the Pakistan Cricket Team and PCB management.

Fans’ favorite:

Pakistan’s Cricket team is known for its lethal fast bowlers who can bowl rapidly and swing the ball well. After Waqar Younis and Wasik Akram’s retirement, the Pakistani Cricket fans looked up to Mohammad Amir and Mohammad Asif to lead the bowling unit. However, both were charged guilty of a match-fixing scandal, which is why Amir faced a five-year ban from all cricket forms.

Five years later, Amir received a second chance from the Pakistan Cricket Board and the fans, and he lived up to their expectations. Even five years away from professional cricket, he proved to be lethal, starting from the first edition of PSL. Immediately after, he gained a position in Pakistan’s Cricket Team as well. He gave some very notable and impressive performances for the team. Some of them include the performances against India in the Asia Cup and Champions Trophy and against England in his first test after his comeback.

Mohammad Amir was one lucky guy who ruled the fans’ hearts even after going against his country for a few thousand dollars. The fans, his country, and the board all gave him a chance to shine again.

The downfall:

Everything was going great for Amir till the 2019 Cricket World Cup, where he delivered quite decent performances to keep Pakistan in the race for the title.

However, problems started to arise when Amir declared retirement from Test cricket. Many fans and the board suspected that he refused to play Test Cricket due to his interest in playing T20 leagues worldwide. Many board members kept complaining about him not being available for Tests when the Pakistani Cricket Team was unable to deliver results in the 5-day format. Some members were even vocal about it in front of the press. According to Amir, he was told numerous times that he “ditched” the team just for playing T20 leagues. He felt a “mental pressure” from the management for almost one year before concluding that he no longer had the will to play International cricket.

In November, Amir was dropped from the Pakistan Team for the tour of New Zealand. After this announcement, a few days later, a video was posted on Amir’s Youtube channel in which he gave his reasons as to why he no longer wanted to play for Pakistan. He had serious problems with the current management. The board members were mentally torturing him for his decision to retire from Test Cricket, and he was not given reasons for being dropped from the New Zealand tour, which was some of the reasons for quitting.

The fans’ opinion on Amir’s decision:

The fans and even cricket analysts considered Amir to be the face of Pakistan’s bowling for the next couple of years. However, Amir has left his fans heartbroken again. The fans believe that he has decided to retire due to him not being selected in the last few series. The fans are also equally disappointed with PCB because they are accusing the board of wasting an incredible talent.

The fans feel that it is “unfair” to them because they stood with Amir in the darkest times when ICC banned him due to match-fixing. The fans always supported him when he made his comeback. Even when he was unable to pick many wickets, the fans kept him throughout. Therefore, they think it is unprofessional of him to retire when he was dropped from the team.

Many fellow cricketers have also disapproved of Amir’s decision. However, Amir has remarked that he still has the will to play for Pakistan but not under the current management. If the management changes, then he might consider his decision to come back.

Afshan Riaz Bhayani
Afshan Riaz Bhayani

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