The Disconnected Generation

This article is based on the book by Josh McDowell called the disconnected generation. According to the author, the young people of today have lost all hope, even the most faithful are beginning to lose hope. This is because they feel very alienated and rather very isolated from their parents. Is it because of the generation gap or something else?

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When we talk about young people, we are actually referring to everyone under the age of 30. As at the moment in 2018, all the people under 30 were more or less born in the late 80s, the 90s or the 21st century. This is the time when the world witnessed a technological boom. These people were born in a very different time than their parents. They look at the world differently than their parents as they were not isolated to their locality or city but they are connected with the world. Children now are exposed to much more than the exposure they had 30 to 40 years ago.

McDowell blames the immense disconnection between the parents and the children on long hours of passive entertainment with televisions, video games, and television. There is no more room left for simple human interaction. Nobody wants to go outside anymore or even come out of their own rooms. Adults because of their own busy schedules are reliant of technology for the upbringing of their children and do not forge healthy relations. Due to all this, there is a massive increase in violence and shootings at schools.

Each generation passes on their wisdom to the next. This is just how the world works. Children and teens need adults to help them deal with issues such as love, religion, sex, relational losses, disappointments, and failure, etc. No matter how mature a15-year-old acts, he or she is still not an adult. They do not have enough life experiences or emotional stability to deal with problems that you master with age and growth.

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Every age brings its own changes. A two-year-old might throw tantrums just to touch a live wire, but that doesn’t mean that it’s safe. A teenager might want to experiment with drugs, just because of peer pressure. They cannot see the bigger picture, sometimes children and teens are much wiser than adults but that happens only in very exceptional cases.

There is an immense decline in morals, this is because the people are exposed so many immoral things that it has become normal for them. Children were not allowed to shout or mistreat their parents in any way, there were rules. Now kids are allowed to do whatever they want. The society has become lenient, way too lenient. Parents try to become best friends with their kids and in that process spoil their kids rotten. A parent’s job is to prepare their kids for the real world, provide them with morals and stand their ground against any rebellious attitude. The parent’s job is to keep their child safe.


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