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Is Pakistan Safe For Tourists?

Pakistan is endowed with culture, delicious food, bustling city life, beautiful mountainous terrains, lush green landscapes, ice and snow-topped mountains, sparkling blue lakes, and stunning valleys. All the physical features of Pakistan combined can make it one of the best countries of the world for travel for hikers and trekkers, …

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Pakistan Named “Top Tourist Destination in 2020.”

Pakistan’s tourism industry has been on a decline for a very long time due to the excessive terrorism and street crimes across the country. There have been times when not only foreigners but also the residents of Pakistan were scared to live in the country or step out of their …

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Pakistan’s security orientation is built up heavily on the historical and geopolitical perspective and especially on the threat from India. Indian animosity on issues like Kashmir had a profound influence on the security perception, the defense and foreign policies of Pakistan. In its quest for security against India, Pakistan made …

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