Shows to Binge-Watch During Quarantine

Many people might be running out of ideas of what to do in this quarantine that seems like it will last for an eternity. You might think you have watched all the movies and shows of the world, and have nothing else to watch. But we have a list of shows that you might want to see for yourself. This might make your quarantine time go by a little faster. All you really need is a Netflix subscription, and that’s about it.  


 It is a German Drama which is dubbed in English, and only rarely can a person watch this and understand the plot on a single go. As the name suggests, this is a dark and ominous show, with a very cleverly-confusing plot. The story shows Past, Present, and Future of the same characters, and sometimes it is hard to keep track of which character is who in the past, present, and future. But, if you just observe carefully, and watch the show with utmost attention, it would not really be hard to keep track of the characters of position in space and time. Just keep a vigilant eye, and you will be good to go. The challenge is to understand it in the first go. 


An American soap-opera, and a remake of an opera of the 80s of the same name, Dynasty is a story about two Billionaire families; The Carringtons and The Colbies, holding life-long grudges of injustices and trauma. The show has sudden introductions of characters, with twists and turns that can make you spill water out of your mouth. One time you will hate a character, and after a second you will start to love the character, but in both the times you won’t be sure if you should like or hate that character, because there are too many twists in this soap-opera, which is filled with the everyday drama of wealthy families. 


A beautiful historical-romantic show, based on the European History of two different timelines. The first timeline revolves around the world after World War 2. The second timeline started with Scotland of the 18th century when Prince Charles Stuart led the Jacobite Rebellion. But, the show is not just about wars and politics, the main charm of the storyline is the romantic relationship that develops between two entirely different people of two altogether different timelines. The show will leave you weeping for hours because there is pain, betrayal, loss, but most importantly, there is love. If there is one show in the entire list that I would not want anyone to miss, it would be this. There is so much to this show; then, one can probably imagine. Oh, and the most essential part of the show is the cast; it is hauntingly-stunning, especially Jamie Fraser, played by Sam Heughans; he is breath-taking.

The Vikings 

The show revolves around the Norse Mythologies and the time when the Vikings were looting and plundering almost every part of the earth. The story is mainly about a Viking Farmer, Ragnar Lothbrok, and his rise to power. The show has epic scenes of gory battles and combats. It is inspired by real history, and most of what we see in the show is not much exaggerated. The show will make your adrenaline run faster, but also give you immense heartache for the loses. This show makes you fall in love with the monsters of history, who killed everyone who was not among them. 

13 Reasons Why

This is an overall dark show, which tells the real-life issues of the every-day teenager. It revolves around sensitive and taboo topics of High-School Bullying, rape, substance abuse, school-shooting, child abuse, trauma, anxiety, and all the significant issues and problems that go on in most students’ life. Still, they can’t really share it with the adults for fear of being misunderstood or not being understood at all. The show has pretty wild and graphic content, and often the viewer’s discretion is advised. But despite that, the show enlightens us, especially the parents and adults, about the new problems of this generation and how they are supposed to step up to help the minors before it is too late. 


It is a Spanish psychological thriller and revolves around a High-School with the upper-most and elite class of Spain that often gives a chance to a few Scholarship students, to join the school and study in there. The mystery began when three scholarship students, from a humble background, joined this Elite Upper-class High-school, followed by the death of their classmate. The story takes a lot of twists and turn, but it makes you fix your eyes to the screen because any moment literally anything could happen. 


Last but not least is a show that you might not be able to find on Netflix, so you will probably have to use another streaming website. The story is about a 16-years-old Mary Queen of Scot, as she reaches the French Court, to marry the next King of France: Prince Francis. Mary Queen of Scot is played by the beautiful, Adelaide Kane, and nobody could have done justice to the role better than her. This show is inspired by real history and has Catherine De Medici, Queen Elizabeth the I, and many more famous historical characters. The show had beautiful graphics, and the dresses in the show are indeed breath-taking. The show takes you on a very bumpy roller-coaster ride of history but is worth it. Just like most shows that are inspired by the past, this one will also leave you in tears, more than once, during the course of this show, and you will fall in love with each and every character and will have a hard time getting over it after the show is finished. 

Thus, these are the top shows that everyone must watch, especially when we don’t really have much on our hands. But while we are at it, let us also thank the writers and directors of such marvelous shows.

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