Science Says: Your Meanest Friend is Your Best Friend

We all have a friend whose sarcastic comments and brutal straightforwardness makes us question our friendship sometimes. They have an opinion about everything from your clothes to your choices in relationships. Just a watchdog, judging all your actions. To be honest you actually need a friend like that the most, this is because someone has to keep you in line when you go overboard. 

A research paper that was published in Psychological Science stated that people who make other people go through negative emotions are actually doing them a favor, it becomes advantageous for them in the future. 

The University of Plymouth conducted the research, it involved 140 participants. The scientists providing them with hypothetical situations and then observed their actions. Situations provided were, for example, breeding the fear of failure in their friend who was wasting time rather than studying. 

The study concluded that by placing each person in the other’s shoes, triggered the person to use negative emotions to foster concern if they believed that it would be beneficial for the other person. The scientists agreed that people were cruel in order to be kind. 

“These findings shed light on social dynamics, helping us to understand, for instance, why we sometimes may try to make our loved ones feel bad if we perceive this emotion to be useful to achieve a goal,” López-Pérez ( head of the research team )said. 

Every group needs a mean, straightforward and honest friend, being hard on someone for their own good is actually the best gift you can give them. If you are that mean friend and are roasting your mates all the time then congratulations, you are actually helping your friends improve their lives and providing a very important public service.

Fizzah Temur
Fizzah Temur


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