Pakistani Vloggers to Look Out For in 2020; Irfan Junejo | Mooroo | Shahveer Jafry

Vlogging refers to conveying a story in the form of a short video about one’s day, an event, a series of events, occasion, etc. In recent years, Pakistan’s short videos, comedy skits, and vlogs have gained more success and popularity than its well-known and well-established drama industry. The main reason for this is that mostly, the young generation, particularly teenagers have access to the internet and social media, and they are very fond of vloggers who convey stories about their mediocre lives in an exciting manner. Not only the youngsters but also the middle-aged people are now following one of the most famous and well-known YouTubers of Pakistan.

Moreover, the vloggers of Pakistan do a lot more than entertaining people. They have proved to be extremely influential by inspiring the youth through their videos and success stories. Due to the trend, they have set and the unique content they make, they have gained a lot of fans and followers on social media as well as across the country.

Here are three YouTubers of Pakistan that have achieved immense success and fame due to their hard work and there’s no stopping them even in the following year:

Irfan Junejo:

Irfan Junejo

Irfan Junejo is one of the fastest-growing YouTubers of Pakistan. He gained 1000 subscribers in one month and is currently at 837K subscribers in almost three years at YouTube. He first gained spotlight when he made a video on the Karachi Eat Food Festival’s “family-only” policy on which he was much praised for his wise words, conveyed in a light-hearted and entertaining manner.

Junejo’s simplicity, humbleness, light-heartedness, and the ability to convey a story in a precise and short way has to lead to him to be a fan’s favorite. It is also claimed to be “one of the best” YouTubers of Pakistan. His vlogs are ordinary, in a modest setting, most of them being in his bedroom or other parts of his house. His followers are so fond of him being in the bedroom surrounding that he gets criticized when he films a series of vlogs outside his home.

His most popular video is the “Junejo Guide to Naran,” which was about him, traveling to the Northern parts of Pakistan with his fellow YouTubers. Although it is not the most viewed video on his YouTube channel, it is the video that captured most recognition and followers for him and his work. He was also praised for showcasing the positive side and the beauty of Pakistan because the drone shots of lakes, rivers, hills, and mountains indeed showed how beautiful Pakistan is.

His most viewed video is “My Dream Bike.” Having a strong passion for bikes, he narrated how he got his favorite bike and how it was a dream to ride it. It seems as if his fans liked the new way of filming his vlogs when he captured the whole ride on his new bike on the roads of Karachi. Other than bikes, his passion lies in filmmaking and football. His fans also love his videos in which he shows his football academy, football skills, and football events and tournaments.

His most significant achievement, maybe when Islamabad United, Pakistan Super League’s most successful team, approached him to be a part of their team. He had full access to the team meetings, the team’s practices, the whole stadium, and the pitch. It was an excellent opportunity for him to learn and grow as a content creator. He took full advantage of this opportunity as his supporters started calling him a “celebrity” after his project with Islamabad United. Not only this, but the whole stand was chanting, “Junejo! Junejo!” at the PSL Final in Karachi.

Apart from YouTube, Junejo has appeared in a TV commercial for Pepsi and has done a lot of sponsored videos and collaborations with different brands, YouTubers, and companies of Pakistan. He has also helped the talented people of Lyari to showcase their skills in rap music and football.

Mooroo (aka Taimoor Salahuddin):


Apart from being a great YouTuber, Mooroo is also a songwriter, director, singer, and rapper. He is perhaps the most talented YouTuber of Pakistan as he entertains his fans in different ways. He may not have the highest number is subscribers, but he is arguably the most famous YouTuber in Pakistan as he is very well known and well recognized. He currently has 715K subscribers on YouTube.

He is famous because of the unique way he makes his vlogs, as they are very different from other Pakistani YouTubers. He sometimes tells the story in a deep, thoughtful, and melancholic voice, which appeals to his audience. Moreover, the humorous element in his vlogs and videos help to engage the audience’s interest in the video.

Mooroo is a well-known figure across the country and is a representative of the Pakistani YouTube community. His immense abilities and talents have helped him to be the person he is today. He gains so much support because he does not only make good vlogs but also has a great sense of humor, is an excellent singer, a fantastic storyteller, and even a good writer and director.

With vlogs, he also makes some excellent travel guides around the world, comedy skits, and sometimes even a series. His most famous travelogue is “A Trip to Naran” which he made in collaboration with Irfan Junejo. Following, his other famous vlogs are also about Northern Pakistan, with most of the views coming from Pakistan and India. “Saaye, a three-episode series and “Amna Saeed,” a young heartbreak story, are some examples of his excellent and famous work.

He also sometimes uses his songs in his videos. The success of his songs can be measured by the fact that his first studio album, “Pehli” received an award nomination in 2017 at the Lux Style Awards. His other famous songs include Kahani Purani, Itni Chikni, and Mein Koun Houn.

Shahveer Jafry:

Shahveer Jafry

Shahveer Jafry is a Pakistani YouTuber based in Canada. He has the most subscribers on this list with 1.94M. He started his YouTube career by making comedy skits and parodies, which he has said is his hobby, based on brown and mainly Pakistani people. His videos involve the culture and tradition of Pakistan.

He captured a broad audience due to his relatable and humorous videos. His videos usually comprise of content such as what Pakistani people do on Eid, how Pakistani parents behave, or how white people are different from brown people. He mainly collaborated with Zaid Ali and Sham Idress, other Pakistani YouTubers based in Canada, for his videos.
He has started his vlogging career recently, and his fans gave him a great response as he switched his content from comedy skits to daily or weekly vlogs.

He had a great advantage when he started his vlogging career. He was already very well known before he began to vlogging because of his comedy skits and collaborations with Zaid Ali and Sham Idrees. Therefore, his supporters became a massive fan of his vlogs, too, when he started vlogging.

His “team wolf” is currently a part of his vlogs. There is rarely a video when the whole team is absent from his vlogs. The team members mostly perform pranks on each other, and more often than not, Shahveer Jafry’s vlogs are based on pranks. Not only this, but the team is involved in pranks and mischiefs outside the circle, which become a part of Shahveer’s vlogs, such as crashing a wedding and pranking other YouTubers, who are also his friends. However, since he is down to earth, humble, simple, and childish, the Pakistani audience still admires him. Moreover, they are also his huge fans as they still sense the desi roots in him, even though he has spent most of his life abroad.

Future of Vlogging in Pakistan:

The vloggers mentioned above are one of the best, unique, and the most creative YouTubers of Pakistan. People would now be confused if they can pursue their passion for vlogging due to the immense competition between vloggers and the high quality of the content expected from the Pakistani audience. However, if one is not camera-shy, believes in their creative minds, storytelling skills, and hard work, they will surely find a future in this area. College going students have also followed their passions and have started vlogging, winning the hearts of many Pakistanis.

Afshan Riaz Bhayani
Afshan Riaz Bhayani


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