Traveling the Dream and Dread Hand in Hand

Travelling has always been encouraged in and out of Pakistan, but now the idea of traveling within Pakistan and people coming from abroad has increased exponentially.

Well I would not say it is a wrong thing to do which our government is doing but issues are that it is just the traveling or tourism or the tourist spots you need to be reorganized or restructure, here are multiple other aspects which our government needs to focus on as well.

 This seems very subsidiary but play a vital role for a person who miles and miles away from the homeland or a person coming back from working for multiple days and nights and now when the person is finally planning to come back to Pakistan to enjoy some time with loved ones the person needs to be treated well as well.

If we start from the point of landing of an airplane upon the land of Pakistan, well if we start from Dubai airport when you are having a connecting the hustle begins from that point but leaving that besides, when you are going to land there would be a rush with which you have to jargon with.

Furthermore, when you are going to coming out of the plane it very likely that you are going trip off as people try to rush over for god knows what.

 Let’s just start from the start thing are not really well and are not really bad, yet there are certain issues we need to control to travel to Pakistan easily accessible and interesting.

The immigration system varies from point to point and if you want me to be honest if the person standing there is nice you good to go and there is no genuine issue that you are going to face.

But, yes if you are having a bad day, then there would be a demand regarding a specific paper which you would not even think to carry out with you, that may get you in trouble as you would have to do something for that to resolve at time bribe the person just makes some logical reasoning well that depends on the environment and your luck as well.

Well, for that government need to regularize the FIA which is authoritative in this manner, to establish a proper manual to know what things are required to be having. At the same time, traveling or else they could get in trouble. The officer cannot just bother a man who wants to get home or the hotel room to get some rest.

Hospitability and being idiosyncrasy are the most impeccable and virtuous identities of Pakistanis, but that entirely lacking the point of airports. 

Yet have been several incidents when the FIA official or even the Customs department return lost luggage or freight worth a million to the person who may have lost or forget about them.

Nevertheless, it is also very common that airport officials misbehave with people traveling.

Recently, there was a case of harassment by an immigration officer, he harassed and teenage ager girl but the bright side was people around him even were travelers, mainly Pakistani, saved that girl and made him arrested. Hence, there is always a mixed present. 

Moving forward, there is another very hectic thing which happens to be faced by I guess 60 to 65 percent of travelers is that the luggage is feeling to be coming from the moon because there is significantly no way you can get it in time.

I must admit one thing things are moving towards betterment. Still, our authorities need to keep that in mind the bloggers are compelling the people to rush to Pakistan because it is indeed a beautiful country we need to mend our ways so the travelers feel the basic comfort and enjoy their time.

Another thing is that there is no accurate and subjective guidance like to which way I need to go to get things done, mostly the hustle is because people do not know what to do and which way to go. 

Again, this has improved at many airports across Pakistan, but there is a lot more to do, such as staff being properly trained to guide a person who does not know even a thing about Pakistan.

AHHH! I just remembered an immense need for the biometric system to incentivize the traveler and official to work efficiently. Some other issues include lack of sitting areas needed when your luggage is already late my dear fellows.

 Besides that, there is also an issue of traffic and transport at the parking of the airports which is also needed to address because after having a long and tiring flight, immigration process, luggage collection and now you need to maneuver your self to the car to home is another flight to take on.

This can be another issue we can discuss in some other or next scribble 

Lastly, I just want to say that we need just regularize the things and protocols and improve the behavior, attitude, and aptitude of the office so that we can make it a real swift traveling experience. 

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