Pakistan Named “Top Tourist Destination in 2020.”

Pakistan’s tourism industry has been on a decline for a very long time due to the excessive terrorism and street crimes across the country. There have been times when not only foreigners but also the residents of Pakistan were scared to live in the country or step out of their houses after sunset. However, the recent governments have tried their best to push down the crime rate because of which tourism has again increased in Pakistan. Pakistan has been named the “number one tourist destination in 2020. ” People now consider it safe to travel Pakistan and enjoy their vacations in the vast rural, urban, and remote locations of Pakistan. There are several reasons why Pakistan is named as the top location for tourists.

Vast landscapes

Tourists usually look for a variety of aspects when they travel, and it is annoying to visit the same kind of places every day. Pakistan’s geographical location is such that there is a vast range of landscapes across the country. In the south, there is the Arabian Sea, which touches the Makran Coast and the Indus Delta. In the west, the land is more rugged and rocky. In the east, the tourists can find farms, fields, and forests, whereas, in the north, you can find large mountain ranges with one of the highest peaks in the world. Pakistan also has metropolitan cities where most of the shops and malls are open till midnight. Therefore, tourists can choose from a variety of locations from choosing from according to their preference and suitability. Northern Pakistan is the best for those who like traveling to peaceful places. Cities like Karachi and Lahore are ideal for those who prefer the hustle-bustle and the urban way of life. 

Vast cultures

Pakistan’s culture is very broad and diverse. In every province or city, the tourists encounter a different type of culture, tradition, or language. This is because of the varied geography and history, which prevails in Pakistan. People are very proud of their own cultures, customs, and languages and try their best to promote it to the tourists. With culture, there also come the different types of music in different areas and communities of Pakistan, which are sung in various languages and played with a variety of musical instruments. The culture of Pakistan is also represented by the clothes people wear and the food that is found in different areas of Pakistan. For example, in the interior part of Sindh, men and women both wear Ajrak, and the province is known for its Biryani. Similarly, the province of Punjab is known for Nihari and Paaye, and the traditional Punjabis wear Kurta and Shalwar. 

Northern Pakistan

The northern areas of Pakistan are one of the main reasons why Pakistan is chosen as the top destination for tourists. The northern areas of Pakistan have previously been considered as “heaven on earth.” This is because of the forests, lakes, rivers, valleys, mountains, hills, and glaciers that are present in the north. People who need a break from their work and want to live in peaceful surroundings can enjoy in valleys and hill stations such as Murree, Nathiagali, Ayubiya, Naran and Kaghan. Tourism in these areas has increased since they are easily accessible due to the proper roads with motels built along the route. Another reason why tourism has flourished in these areas is because of the presence of lakes and rivers, which contribute to the scenic beauty of the regions. So the contrast of snow-capped mountains, valleys, and rivers make it an ideal location for sightseeing for the tourists who have come with their families. The northern parts of Pakistan attract not only international tourists but also local ones because it is easy to travel for the local residents, cheap costs, and no visa or any other documentation is required. 


Pakistan can also be an ideal location for teenagers or school or college groups who tend to seek adventure and fun. Pakistan’s snow-capped peaks and rugged landscape and roads in the north and northwest can prove to be ideal locations for adventure as tourists can involve in activities such as climbing and hiking. Skiing has also recently been introduced in specific seasons in the north. These places include Malam Jabba, Ratu, and Astore and provide excellent opportunities to adventure tourists to get the experience of skiing. 


There is a lot of history preserved in Pakistan. The Pakistanis are very proud of their history and culture and try their best to preserve the buildings and monuments that the historical rulers have built. Most of the historical sites in Pakistan are present in Punjab. These include mosques, tombs, and buildings constructed in the memory of famous Mughal rulers. Most of these have been built during the time of the Mughal Empire in the subcontinent. These remarkable buildings include the Badshahi Mosque, Wazir Khan Mosque, Lahore Fort, Tomb of Jahangir, Shalimar Garden, and the Bagh-e-Jinnah. Punjab is the best location for tourists who are interested in historical places or sites. 

In Sindh, there is less Mughal architecture and more essence of the British Rule over the subcontinent. The city of Karachi is full of heritage sites that have been preserved and converted into museums, markets, or offices. These include the City Courts, Frere Hall, Jinnah House, Empress Market, and the Karachi Railway Station. Although you need special permission to be allowed in some of the buildings, the ancient architecture and design of the buildings are enough to remind oneself about the history and the rulers that have ruled the land that is now called Pakistan. 


Pakistanis are considered to be one of the friendliest and the most hospitable people in the world. Once the locals get to know that you are a foreigner or a tourist, you would get exclusive discounts, free food, and even accommodation in people’s houses. Perception has changed a lot about Pakistanis in the western world recently, which is why people are now willing to visit the country. 

Convenient internal traveling

Since Pakistan is a small country, it is more accessible to travel between areas and cities. It takes less time and cheaper to travel between different cities and regions. Tourists do not waste time on long flights when they are moving from one city to another. Also, the construction of new highways and motorways has made it easier and more comfortable to travel between cities, which was not possible previously. The development of the Green Line, a comfortable and convenient railway express, has made it a lot cheaper to travel between cities as compared to traveling by flight. 

Favorable Image of Pakistan

The media of Pakistan had never helped to portray the right international image of the country. The country’s media conveyed negative thoughts and opinions about the country because of which the tourists never came to Pakistan. However, the Pakistani Youtubers and vloggers have immensely helped to portray a positive image of the country. Their videos are not only viewed in the country but also in other countries as well, because of which a lot of people have become aware of the right side of Pakistan and its people. Their vlogs about the food, traveling, and events in Pakistan have changed the perception of the country internationally. 

Safety and Security

As discussed above, Pakistan’s security and safety conditions have changed drastically over the past couple of years, which is why it has now been chosen as the number one destination for tourists. Previously, the issues with Afghanistan and the war on terrorism had made Pakistan a very unsafe country for not only foreigners but also the locals. Terrorist attacks were on the rise for almost fifteen years, which was followed by years of street crime. Now the governments aim and prioritize to push down the crime rate, so it is safe for the tourists to come to Pakistan. 

It is an excellent sign for Pakistan to be recognized as the number one tourist destination in the world. However, Pakistan needs to sustain this position. If they want to stay in this position, there are still some problems to deal with. This includes the problem of pollution. An increase in tourism also increases pollution. Pakistan should deal with this problem efficiently so that tourism does not only increase in the present but also continue to grow in the future. 

Afshan Riaz Bhayani
Afshan Riaz Bhayani


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