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The Hate Factories of Pakistan

Pakistanis have always been very tolerant in general towards minorities or people with different beliefs. We were more open to a multicultural society. The biggest problem Pakistan faces right now is sectarianism. It wasn’t like this in the past; we Pakistanis used to participate in one another’s religious occasions before …

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GoodBye 2020- Phew

Goodbye 2020

2020 a year which will keep haunting us for years to come, a year that almost brought us humans to knees, has finally ended. Australian bushfires wiped out 186000 square kilometers and killing wildlife animals on their path. COVID-19 brought us to knees, well almost. © Four Walls We witnessed people …

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The Fall of Mohammad Amir

Mohammad Amir is a Pakistani fast bowler who has always remained in the news for many years. Sometimes, he is in the news due to his talent, potential, and fast bowling, sometimes for his exceptional performances, and sometimes due to controversy. The biggest controversy he faced was in a match-fixing …

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