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iPhone 11 vs Samsung Galaxy S10

Two brands rule over the smartphone market all over the world, namely Apple and Samsung. This rivalry has started from 2009-10, and every year, this rivalry comes to the surface when each brand launches the new edition of their phone. This time also, it is no different. Apple has launched …

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On the Brink of World War 3: The US-IRAN Crisis

A lethal opening attack. Nearly ruthless, untraceable proxies scattering anarchy on multiple continents. Exorbitant miscalculations. And thousands — perhaps hundreds of thousands — murdered in a conflict that would dwarf the war in Iraq. Welcome to the US-Iran war, which has the potential to become the worst conflicts in history! …

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The PSL Obsession in Pakistan

Since the attack on the Sri Lankan team in Lahore in 2009, Pakistan faced heavy losses as far as cricket and sports were concerned. It lost the privilege of hosting the 2011 Cricket World Cup, international teams were not ready to visit Pakistan, they had to shift their home ground …

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