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Snowfall in Pakistan

Pakistan has quite a diverse weather amongst all of its provinces. Whereas Sindh remains relatively pleasant during winters with no snowfall, the northern mountainous terrains experience sharp winter conditions and snowfalls. This year too is no different. Western, northern and northwestern parts of the country have experienced severe winters and …

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How to Lose Belly Fat?

There are a number of your reasons why people gain belly fat such as lack of exercise, poor diet, hormonal changes, and stress. Putting on weight is much easier than dropping it and no one likes a bulky midsection. It’s not just aesthetically bad looking but also a health concern. …

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Is Pakistan Safe For Tourists?

Pakistan is endowed with culture, delicious food, bustling city life, beautiful mountainous terrains, lush green landscapes, ice and snow-topped mountains, sparkling blue lakes, and stunning valleys. All the physical features of Pakistan combined can make it one of the best countries of the world for travel for hikers and trekkers, …

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