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The Whitewashing Of Black Money in India

All the unaccounted funds on which no tax is paid is referred to as black money. In India, this concealment of unaccounted money or Black Money is becoming a popular trend. All the criminals, tax evaders, smugglers, hoarders and many other anti-social groups who are not scared of being punished …

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10 Most Dangerous Hackers In History

10. Jonathan James At the age of 15, Jonathan James hacked into basically everything he could, from the Florida based Miami-Dado school system to the US Defence Threat Reduction Agency, who are supposed to protect the country from weapons of mass destruction. He even found a way into NASA systems, …

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The Black Market For Gold in The Philippines

The black market for gold in the Philippines  This Southeast Asian country lies in the Western Pacific Ocean comprising over 7000 islands. Its fascinating culture is influenced by the US and Spanish colonialism. This place is an abode for more than 100 million people who follow Roman Catholic as their …

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