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Domestic Violence in Pakistan

Domestic violence starts when one partner feels the need to control or dominate the other in one way or the other. Domestic violence is a widespread social and public problem in Pakistan – so common that it makes Pakistan the 6th most dangerous country in the world according to 2019 statistics. Due …

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Pakistani Lawyers- Protectors or antagonists of the law

The law keeps a society running efficiently as it serves as a means of conduct for the citizens. The guidelines of the law enable citizens and businesses to operate in a disciplined manner which can ensure successful social and economic policy outcomes.  In strong democracies and developed countries, the rule …

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Common Mistakes By Business Owners seeking Sale/Investment

Having a sound financial plan is the epitome of success in the world of business. A great pitch can go a long way. New business owners tend to make some common mistakes that can have a negative effect on their growth. Your ideas can be amazing but until and unless …

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