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The Disconnected Generation

This article is based on the book by Josh McDowell called the disconnected generation. According to the author, the young people of today have lost all hope, even the most faithful are beginning to lose hope. This is because they feel very alienated and rather very isolated from their parents. …

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Traveling solo: The adventure of a lifetime

Travelling has many advantages. It has always been very beneficial. The pros of traveling are endless, you get out of your shell and leave your comfort zone, live new experiences, meet different people with different backgrounds and make a ton of new memories. Traveling solo is an adventure on its …

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The mess in Afghanistan: US failure

The Washington Post has published a report about a secret and highly critical govt report on the seemingly endless war in Afghanistan. The report shows that both the George Bush and Barack Obama administrations were lied to and lied about the intervention that began in late 2001. As the French …

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