Megxit – The Full Story

The world and the entire Buckingham Palace received the shock of their lives on January 8, 2020, when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex shockingly announced on their official Instagram page to “step down” from their royal duties and become “financially independent.” Another shocking aspect of this announcement was that they would be splitting time between the UK and North America.

After the initial shock, unlimited memes against Meghan Markle, and crazy social media hype; the palace also issued a statement and finally seemed to be on board with the shocking decision. So how did all this start? What is believed to have led to this split of the Royal Kingdom? What made Meghan Markle leave the life of a princess in a mere 2 years? Here are all the details:

The start

Meghan Markle was born in 1981 to a Caucasian father and an African American mother making her half black and half white. She started acting in some small roles right after graduation and then got her most memorable role on TV as a paralegal on the hit series Suits.

On the other hand, Prince Harry was born in 1984, 3 years after Meghan Markle. As per royal tradition, he was born in the prestigious Lindo Wing of London’s St. Mary Hospital. He was born to Prince Charles, the heir to the throne and Princess Diana, the “people’s princess”. Harry went through officer training and served in the British armed forces.

Harry’s tragedy

As the world knows, his mother, Princess died in a tragic car accident after her divorce. The hounding media following her was said to be a pivotal cause of the accident. Harry recalls that every click of the camera, every flash brings back the worst memories of his life.

Courtship and marriage

Prince Harry and Meghan met on a blind date in 2016 and hit it off instantly. Things got serious right away and Meghan was said to have met Prince Charles. However, the media soon enough started hounding Meghan Markle on her race, occupation, color, etc. The much in love couple got engaged on November 27, 2017. On May 19, 2018, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were finally married in a big, royal wedding attended by all A-list guests and celebrities and royalty. However, Meghan’s father did not attend the wedding and only her mother was there.

First child

On May 6, 2019, the couple was blessed with a baby boy who they named Archie. Even their son was a part of the media scrutiny with his features and every aspect about him scrutinized.

Megxit – brewing since some time

It has been widely discussed that this split was brewing all along. Firstly, Meghan and Prince Harry moved out of the Kensington Palace in March 2019 where Harry’s brother’s family also lived as well as established their own Instagram account. Three months later they also broke away from the Royal Foundation. Meghan worked to develop her charities, which again the media viewed with scrutiny and negativity and linked them to “terrorism”.

Meghan Markle was always open with her struggles with the tabloids that left no stone unturned in making her life miserable. On the contrary, the Duchess of Cambridge Katherine, a British by birth is not exposed to the same bias that Meghan Markle experienced. From Meghan’s clothes to her son, to her actions everything was accredited to her black roots or linked to her color.

Meghan admitted to being aware that she knew the situation would be “hard” before she signed up for the marriage with Prince Harry. However, she had hoped at least it would be fair. However, sadly it was the complete opposite of fair. She also admitted to having disregarded warnings from others that the British media would destroy her life which they were set out to do.

The couple finally had to take the media matters in their own hands by suing The Mail for publishing Meghan’s private letter that she wrote to her father. Prince Harry even had to sue The Sun and the Mirror for hacking into his phone! He was referred to having said that history is repeating itself, referring of course to the treatment of the media towards his late mother Princess Diana.

All the above and maybe more led to the shocking announcement on the Sussex’s Instagram page that sent the social media into a frenzy on the morning of January 8, 2020.

The recent updates

After the shocking post, many reports confirmed that none of the royal family members were consulted beforehand. However, soon enough a statement for a family meeting was issued by Queen Elizabeth to discuss the way forward for her grandson and his family with Meghan being an attendee via a call from Canada.

Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, and also brother to Prince Harry was said to have stated that he and his brother were on different pages now and he wishes they weren’t.

After the discussion of all the royals and family members, the things that came into the light were:
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle would not be using their titles His/Her Royal Highness anymore and will be freed from all royal duties as well as military appointments.
They have chosen Canada to start their new life with their small family in as much normalcy as it can be managed given their background.

The couple plans to pave a financially independent life for themselves relying on their royal brand and reputation for acting, brand partnerships, public speaking as well as book deals for starters.
It is reported that the Queen has kept the royal doors open for her grandson and his wife if they are unable to settle into this completely new life.

The couple will return the entire amount of the tax payer’s money estimated to be 2.4 million pounds that were used to refurbish their Frogmore Cottage in Britain. The Cottage will still stay in their family’s home in the UK.
The royal duties will end on March 31, and Harry and Meghan will clear out their office in Buckingham Palace.
The Royal Palace confirmed that Harry will retain his titles of major, lieutenant-commander, and quadrant leader however; he will not serve as the head of the Royal Marines.

Although not officially launched, Harry and Meghan have set up a Sussex Royal website and applied for its global trademark. It is believed that the couple plans to use it for branding over 100 items such as clothes, charities, magazines, etc. The Royal Family are a bit concerned that the couple is trying to cash out on their royal titles and legacy, something which they have promised to abstain from. Hence, a change may be announced and an announcement regarding this website is much awaited.

Currently, Meghan and Harry are finishing off the last leg of their royal commitments with fundraisers, gala awards, a music festival, women’s day march, and the yearly Commonwealth Day service held at Westminster Abbey.
Although a shocking announcement at first, a lot of the people on social media and in general are now accepting the reasons for why the couple did what they did. With the media, simply not letting go of Meghan’s divorce, age, and roots; this does seem to be the best way forward for the couple. Moreover, Prince Harry is merely 6th in line to the throne. His brother Prince William is second in line and hence, Prince Harry may never make it as a King.
Only time will tell what the future holds for the young couple and how they manage their lives and financial situation in Canada.

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