Let’s Remove the White Part of our Flag

Last Friday, the construction of the boundary wall of the Krishna Mandir began in Islamabad. This was supposed to be the first Mandir in the city and could accommodate 3000 Hindus of the region. It was being constructed in the H-9 sector of Islamabad.

CDA halted the construction of the boundary wall. This action was taken because the plan of its building was not submitted and approved by the government. Which was right, because everything in the capital city needs its map to be approved before the construction could begin.

The President of Hindu Panchayat, Pritam Das said, “We had already submitted an application addressed to the authority regarding the boundary wall construction on June 19 but got no response from them,”

“The application said that the boundary wall was being built to secure the possession of the plot,” he said, explaining how authorities had no right to stop the construction.

This plot belonged to the Hindu Panchayat since 2018.

On the other aside, Lal Chand Malhi, PTI MNA, also interfered in the matter. He said that the plan for construction was submitted to the Ministry of Religious Affairs. The ministry also forwarded the appeal to Prime Minister.

“The plan and the request for a grant of Rs 100 million have been sent to Prime Minister Imran Khan,” PTI MNA said. He mentioned that the Prime Minister did approve the grant. However, he faced resistance from the Islamic clergy. It was decided that the decision will be taken after the consultation with the Council of Islamic Ideology.

“Once approved, the plan will be sent to the Ministry of Housing and Works who will approve it and then finally give it to the CDA,” he said.

The ministry of religious affairs had a press conference on Friday. In the meeting, they also shed light on this matter. They said that the release funds are for rehabilitation and renovation of the places of worship of minorities, not their construction.

One thing that must be noted is that the temple was not being constructed on the state money. It was being built on the finances of the Hindu Panchayat.

However, this was not the only problem that the Panchayat was facing while constructing the Mandir.

The site was continually harassed. Death threats were given to the people indulged in its construction. The complaints were filed to the authorities, but no response was given.

On Saturday, a video of a teenage boy went viral. The teenager was destroying the boundary walls. He said, “no matter how many times the boundary is put, we will destroy it again.” The teenager had no fear of repercussions and seemed convinced that his actions were the right things to do.

In addition to that, the Panchayat was facing continuous objections. Hindu Panchayat, has finally halted the construction of their site of worship. They said that they do not want to anger their Muslim neighbors. Consequently, no construction will be carried out.

Many things can be taken from this entire incident. The first thing to be noted is the Islamophobic country of the USA. It has more than 2000 mosques for 4 million Muslims. Compared to that, the free state of Pakistan has less than 100 temples for the 8 Million Pakistani Hindus.

Secondly, we are a living breathing example of classical hypocrites. For a year, we have been protesting against religious and moral injustices against the Muslims of Kashmir. We have been continually criticizing the Indian government for suppressing the rights of minorities. All this, while our religious leaders ban the construction of a place of worship. Which, by the way, was their right as equal citizens of the country.

Thirdly, we are painting a beautiful picture of Islam. The number of Muslims who are abandoning their religion is getting out of hand (look up the percentage in the UK alone). If such an intolerant depiction of Islam is not stopped from being portrayed, we can’t expect islamophobia to decrease. On the contrary, we would be giving the world, all the right reasons to hate the religion, which was supposed to promote “peace.”

Moreover, most of the Pakistani Muslims don’t hold back from cursing the nations oppressing Muslims. America, China, the Uk, and other countries that have been suppressing the Muslim minority of their nation, have been targets of Muslim hate speech, and rightfully so. Let’s not even talk about India’s God-forsaken nation and the devils in the face of the Modi government. 

Be it the Muslims of Yemen, Uyghur concentration camps, and annexation of Palestine, our heart bleeds when we see our fellow Muslims’ suffering. For us, those people who oppress our fellow Muslims are the monsters. That might be true, but we, Pakistanis, are hypocrites.

In 1947, Quaid-E-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah got us a free land. The land was supposed to be free of all tyrannies and was supposed to allow everyone to practice all faiths and religions freely. The white part of our flag was supposed to denote the freedom that the minorities will have in Pakistan. But that freedom only remains with you as long as you are a Muslim. That too; a Sunni Muslim.

But, now, the white part of our flag is nothing but symbolic. We have sentenced a Christian woman to death over a glass of water. We have killed a Christian man for buying a house in a Muslim neighborhood. We consider it a taboo to talk about the forced conversion of Christians, Hindus, and Sikhs. We refuse to believe the atrocities our fellows have done to them. We rape them, abduct them, and leave their families to cry for justice. We have literally put a fatwa on the government who was allowing the construction of Hindu place of worship. We have failed the ideology of Quaid. We have failed Pakistan.

Pakistan is no less of a tyrant. We have countless examples of tyrannies by Muslims on their non-Muslim counterparts. The amount of Hatred and hypocrisy that circulates in Pakistan is astounding. When we can’t give rights to the minorities of our country, we can’t expect to get those rights in foreign countries, where we are the minorities. 

Let’s remove the useless white part of our flag, for it has no value in our lives and is merely symbolic. For we are an intolerant state, filled with self-proclaimed Islamic Radicalists.

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