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Keto Diet- For How Long Will You Be Able To Sustain This?

So everyone is talking about it these days and I came to know that half of the universe is on it and it’s supposed to be awesome.

What is Keto Diet? it’s a diet where you eat High Fat, Enough Protein and Low Carbs, so basically it’s a low carb diet and like every low carb diet, it’ll make you drop “water weight” initially because 1 gram of carbs pushes almost 3 grams of water into your body. So no carbs = no water = happy you (in Short Run) and as soon as you’ll start eating carbs again – Carbs = Water = Sad you (in the long run).

Ketogenic Diet is most commonly known as “KETO DIET” is hyped up to be the best thing ever happened to mankind. Actually hyped up is an understatement; celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox, Gwyneth Paltrow, Halle Berry, and Mick Jagger, etc have been following KETO Diet plus it was the 6th most searched diet on Google in 2017.

So is KETO the answer to all our prayers to finally get rid of those unloved “love handles”? Does it deliver real results?

What is the KETO DIET?

The Ketogenic diet is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet. A true Ketogenic diet requires you to consume up to 75%-80% of your daily calories from fat. The rest of the calories come from protein while keeping carbohydrates at around 5% of total calories. The aim of the Keto diet is to lower carbohydrates to an extent that the body begins to rely more heavily on fat and its by-products, known as Ketone bodies, for energy.

Any low carb diet will make you lose weight fast at the start when compared to a more balanced nutrition strategy and Keto is no different. Restricting carbohydrates reduces your glycogen stores and allows the kidneys to excrete water more readily, resulting in water weight loss. For someone who doesn’t understand the process, it creates an illusion of fast weight loss but in reality as soon as carbohydrates are reintroduced the water weight comes back.

Another important aspect of low-carb dieting is the way they impact one’s mood. Carbohydrates are primary and preferred fuel for our brain. They aid not only in keeping us full of energy but they also relax us. People who follow a low carb diet become cranky and irritable. This ultimately has an impact on one’s quality of life.

The most important question people need to ask when choosing a diet is “CAN I DO IT IN LONG RUN?” – Thinking of diet as 12-16 weeks is setting yourself up for failure especially if you have a substantial amount of fat to lose. Permanent fat loss requires lifestyle changes and a more balanced approach. Hard restrictions by totally eliminating a certain macronutrient or type of food are an incorrect approach to fat loss. The best diet for an individual is the one they can actually follow and adhere to in the long-run and KETO certainly doesn’t fit those criteria.

Bakhtawar Mansha
Bakhtawar Mansha


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