Islamabad-The Beautiful

Without a doubt, Islamabad is one of the most beautiful and cleanest cities in the world. It is the most educated city of Pakistan, with a literacy rate of over 87 percent. It is very multi-cultural since it comprises of everyone from all parts of Pakistan. That’s not all, in addition to being home to people from all over Pakistan, it is also home to many foreigners, and you can find people from many countries, living here in Islamabad. 

Islamabad is everything that a modern, well-planned city should look like. If there were an award of the best government envisioned plan coming to life, it would be given to Islamabad. It is precisely how it was planned. Everything is so orderly here; beautiful architectural buildings, vast streets, and roads, minimum traffic congestion, no Rickshaws, therefore minimum noise pollution. It is an incredibly peaceful and calm city of Pakistan. Every well-engineered infrastructure is surrounded by lush green trees and bushes, making Islamabad one of the greenest cities of Pakistan. 

If you are coming from the South, and enter Islamabad through Motorway, the first marvel you will see will be the new International Airport of Islamabad. If you are traveling at night, you will see yourself surrounded by, on both sides, beautiful shining lights of the “Top City Housing Society.” As you go forward and land on the Kashmir Highway, you will begin to see the real Islamabad; huge roads, heavy traffic, yet no traffic blockage, roads surrounded by the magnificent Margalla Hills. On top of the Margalla Hills, you will see glimmering yellow lights that look like clusters of stars at night. That Cluster is the Monal Restuarant, located at the top of Islamabad. The entire Islamabad is visible from Monal, looking like a small shining paper town. 

However, that is not all; there are countless places and sights to see in Islamabad that will most probably make you fall in love with this city instantly. 

The Pakistan Monument

The architecture and design of this place are almost breath-taking. It is a national heritage and monumental museum and is located on the West part of Shakarpian, which by the way, is another small hill. The purpose of constructing this monument was to symbolize the unity and zenith of all the Pakistani people. This was undoubtedly the right pace for the construction of such a place, for you will rarely see any other city where everyone from all over Pakistan and all over the world working and living in such peace and harmony. 

  • The Centaurus Mall

It is the largest mall of Islamabad, with almost every brand found in one place. An excellent place for shopping, with a fourth-floor dedicated to food only. The food court has nearly every type of food; you name it.  

  • Daman-e-Koh viewpoint 

The perfect time to visit this place is late afternoon; the light is entirely accurate, the view is excellent. This place can give you a living breathing proof of why people call Islamabad the greenest and most beautiful city of Islamabad. The picture is truly amazing, and you can’t really get enough of this place. Every weekend, there are carnivals and small markets here; they allow you to eat desi-snacks, with your family and children. It is the most refreshing time to visit this place, and usually, the visitors are welcomed by many monkeys who share food and snacks with humans and roam around like they own the site. The experience is terrific. 

  • The identity of Islamabad-The Faisal Mosque

Faisal Mosque is the most renowned landmark in Islamabad, and Islamabad used to be known just for this beautiful mosque. It can accommodate 100,000 people at the same time, with 200,000 more in the courtyard area. It is the largest mosque in Pakistan. For the first time, the people who see the mosque will notice that the mosque is designed in such a way that it looks like Bedouin tent and not a typical dome-shaped mosque, like all the other mosques in the world. 

The structure is impressive, but even more so right after sunset as the natural light subsided, and the artificial light takes over, illuminating the fabric with an orange hue. As the sky turns purple, the structure turns orange, and the prayer call echoes throughout the city. It is one of the most spiritual moments in Pakistan. If you can make it to the mosque, make sure you are there at sunset. The experience is most memorable. 

Honorable mentions

Besides visiting all these famous and historical landmarks, don’t forget that there is much more to Islamabad. When in Islamabad, never forget to visit the most extensive and grandest market of Blue Area, in front of whom is the D-chowk, and the Parliament House. In addition to that, you must visit the posh areas of F-6 and F-7, and have a look at the posh markets and houses, and people of those areas. But don’t get carried away by that and do visit the Shah Allah Ditta caves of D-12, which are said to be haunted, so make sure that the visit is in the morning. Also, visit the least developed sector of G-12 in Islamabad. 

You would never be able to get enough of Islamabad because just as you will think that the city does not have more to offer, you will come through the Lake View Park located on Rawal lake, you can have a good trip over that from the park to Bani-Gala. Other than that, you can also visit the F-9 parks, because it is the biggest park in Islamabad, and covers over three complete sectors.  

Whatever you do, just don’t forget to have the best time here, because Islamabad is known for its “party atmosphere,” and you won’t find it hard to feel included in almost no time. Must visit Islamabad once in a lifetime, and you won’t ever regret it. Visit Islamabad once, and it will give you memories to remember forever.

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