Has the Cyberwar Initiated in Iran?
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Has the Cyberwar Initiated in Iran?

An explosion became the cause of the death of two people in Tehran. This explosion happened on Tuesday. The day marked the latest in the series of many explosions and fires. Some of these fires have hit and affected sensitive sites. 

According to the State News Agency, IRNA, the explosion was the result of a human error. 

Amin Babai, a local official, said, “Two people were killed, and three others were injured.” In addition to that, he reported that the incident occurred at Baqershahr. It is an industrial area, which is 23 kilometers away from the capital. 

Babai further mentioned, “The explosion caused by some workers’ negligent handling of oxygen tanks … was so powerful that the walls of a factory nearby were also destroyed,”  

Babai also said that shortly after the fire, firefighters reached the site of the explosion. They prevented the further advancement of explosion and fires. 

“The explosion … was so powerful that the walls of the Saipapress factory nearby were also destroyed,” he said. 

A spokesperson from emergency service also gave a little information. According to him, all this was initiated in the Oxygen Factory. The time was reported to be 22.33 GMT Monday. 

Many players are being blamed for these incidents. Some of them are discussed are below.

“The Foul Play of America” 

All the allegations were directly denied. Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization, denied “False allegations by counter-revolutionary elements in the media of an explosion,” on Tuesday. 

In a statement, it said, “Nothing happened”, while addressing the yellow-cake production plant. 

The atomic energy agency implicitly blamed it on America. According to the agency, the rumors are being created, and they aim to create despair. They are also produced to support the campaign “maximum pressure of the Great Satan [the United States]” against Iran. 

A fire broke out at the ground level building last Thursday. This happened at Iran’s underground Natanz facility. The site is the centerpiece of Iran’s uranium enrichment program. This caused significant damage. 

In a photo released by the UN, the damage Natanz fire was depicted. The photograph showed the hinges of the door hanging off. In the picture, the doors appeared to be blown outwards. 

Iran’s Supreme National Security Council stated on Friday. “The cause of the accident” of Natanz fire had been “accurately determined”, they said. Due to security reasons, they could not give more details. 

Further, 19 people were killed last week. The cause of this explosion was said to be a gas leak in a medical clinic. This happened in a clinic located in North of Tehran. 

Another explosion occurred on June 26. It happened at the east of Tehran, near the Parchin military and weapons development base. To this also, the authorities said that happened due to a gas storage facility, in an area located outside the station. 

“Computer Virus” 

Another reason for the five recent Iran explosions is being blamed on a computer virus. It is being believed that a computer virus, like the Stuxnet Virus, might have caused the explosions. Stuxnet virus was a computer virus that disabled the Iranian Centrifuges in 2010. 

The blasts took place at power plants, missile research, development and production of weapons sites, uranium enrichment center, and a medical facility. The medical facility might have been a cover for a nuclear operation and worked as a command center in disguise. 

Shiraz Power Plant facility might have gone through a cyberattack. The question arises if the explosions were caused by “The sons Of Stuxnet?” 

World’s Most Well-Equipped Nation for Cyber War: Israel 

New York Times received an anonymous confession from the “Middle Eastern Intelligence Official.” This happened on Sunday, and the unknown group said that Israel was behind the Natanz Blast. When Israel’s Foreign Minister was asked about the report’s authenticity, he replied, “our actions in Iran should better be left unsaid”. 

The unnamed group was calling themselves “Homeland Cheetah.” 

The group said that they had attacked the critical sites of nuclear development in Iran. And the message was received two hours before the incident occurred. They said that they have destroyed a nuclear facility and that the Iranian government won’t be able to conceal it. 

The group also said that it consisted of revolutionaries, present within the Iranian Militia. They further confessed that they were behind most of the attacks that Iran has been hiding from its people. 

A few hours after the confession, Natanz was attacked. Iran’s Atomic Organization at Natanz had a fire, and as predicted by the confessors, Iran did not blame anyone but the “human error.” 

Even though the National Security Council said they knew the cause of the incident, they refused to explain the matter further. They said it was not the right time for any explanation, but they have uncovered its origins. 

According to the satellite images of NASA, Natanz was on fire at 02.06. The damage caused on the site was exactly as the Homeland Cheetahs said it would be. 

Obviously, preparing such a statement requires a lot of planning. It is confirmed that whoever is behind this had planned everything in detail, in advance. Whoever, made the confession, knew about the explosion, much before it actually happened. This strengthens the theory that this was nothing more than an act of sabotage. 

However, there might be a possibility of conspiracies against the two nations as well. The confession might have come out to mislead the general public and might have been done by the foreign agents and players. 

But, if everything is as it appears to be, we should get ready for something more serious. Israel has never really taken responsibility for any such attacks. Iranian authorities have also never blamed Israel explicitly. But what we can infer from the scenario is that the Cyberwar has begun. At least between these two nations.

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