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Hacks To Book Cheap Flights

Most of us dread traveling mostly because of the dent it makes in our pocket; most of our money is spent on plane tickets. I come bearing good news, and there is a way around this dilemma. Booking budget-friendly tickets are not as hard as it seems.
Some tricks to get the best possible rates for tickets are listed below

Book your airline tickets in January

Most of the best flight deals are in January and February. Booking in these months doesn’t specifically mean that you have to travel during these months, reserve a seat. The airline companies offer cheaper tickets in January, mostly because people are usually out of money after the holidays, and they offer these discounts to attract customers. Do remember this tip and save up some money to purchase tickets in January or February.

Consider Alternative airports

If you are lucky enough to live near more than one airport, then do remember to check the charges for each one of them, plus check large hubs or alternative airports near your destination in question.
You can sometimes also save money by traveling on the bus from one airport to another. It may take longer, but you can weigh the opportunity cost.

Be Flexible with the dates and times

The best time to book a flight is thought to be four to ten weeks in advance of your intended trip. The perfect days to depart are considered to be Tuesday, Wednesday, or even Saturdays as they have lower fares and are off-peak. Overnight and early morning flights also tend to be cheaper. Flights that have long layovers included tending to be more affordable. Another tactic to save money is by traveling during the offseason when there will be less demand. Such as Iceland in the winter or Egypt in the summer.

Always test the 24-hour rule

After you have booked your flight, check if the price of your ticket has fallen the next day. If it has, you can cancel your ticket without any penalty and then rebook the flight.

Book last minute trips

Many airlines will lower the prices of the tickets if they cannot fill the planes for a weekend trip. Mostly on a Tuesday, they alert their members for the upcoming weekend. The people who choose to travel can leave on Friday or Saturday and then return on Monday or Tuesday.

Mix and Match

Sometimes it helps to take two different airlines. Most airline companies sell one-way flight tickets at lower prices, and this means that one flight will have a cheap outgoing while the other might have a cheap return flight. Flying to one airport and departing from another is also worth it.

Look out for deals early in the morning

Most deals can be seen very early in the morning, while many airlines give out discounted deals throughout the day.
Search on various sites
When looking for a cheap flight, search using different sites to get access to multiple categories of flight tickets.


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