Squabble of Perspectives

Squabble of Perspectives

Genaration gap is a variance of pensiveness that lies in mind and souls between elderly and juveniles, well most of the people contemplate why does it happens, there are a lot of aspects to be considerate about.

The world has always been subjected to disputes initiated from differences of opinions primarily established on different beliefs, gender, experiences, individuality, cognitive patterns, norms, cultural orientation, poor understanding or openness to the other’s perspectives, and much more.

All of the above mentioned and many other attributes coordinate to prepare a significant environment to cultivate different schools of thought and opinions which are then be poured with water of experiences and beliefs.

Before, delving down into our true essence of the generation gap in Pakistan we need to establish one more aspect here, which is psychology. As both young and elderly generations have different cognitive and adaptive abilities.

Why do we need to address both cognition and adaptability?

This because if we study the cognition (the mental maps or strategies) and adaptability we can see that if the generation is adaptable or at least considerate to the opinion (mental maps) or the milieu which is of other’s it would mend the rift between them but it is quite significantly lacking between both of these them

This is due to the fact the that for elderly citizen tends to stick around the ideas of living the life they have always been living and they do not want their life to be absolved to one destination either been leftover in the previous era or been fully transformed, hence, leaving the fundamentals they have been living on.

 On the contrary, the youth is venturous and open to adopting novel ideas, learning a new thing, or trying things in totally new ways such as being an entrepreneur, exploring the mars, or recycling the plastic. 

The issue arises when there is a clear friction between the idea to adapt novelty and resisting it at the same time from two different schools of thought.

Moreover, if we talk about cognitive abilities the mind maps of elder people are set up in certain time zone and it is very difficult for them to alter and design them from a new perspective while the youth have the mind which is rapid and adaptive they make mind maps in totally novel environment and they have never been subjected to an environment in which the elder minds were.

Therefore why not just the youth holds their horses a bit because making a car stop is difficult than starting a car so why not the youth just help the society to have feet one brakes then accelerator and be with of elders in cognitive and not in adaptiveness because that will stop the humanity from improving. 

Another aspect that is pivotal in this scenario is the presence of cognitive dissonance (love to stay in comfort zone) which is an uneasy feeling whenever a person is subjected to the opinion of opposing beliefs.

In most of the cases both generations tend to stay in their comfort zone and wish the other would make an effort so, it starts to create a lack of communication leading to distances and in some cases complete disassociation. As they both think the other would never understand my viewpoint.

Now that we collected some scientific reasoning behind this all which I guess might be boring for some of you but now the interesting part start as we are going to see how Pakistan is facing this adversity.

In the East, the social system is very closely knitted and when we are talking about Pakistan it is again more important due to religious points of view and culture as well.

But the time has changed, the world is dynamic and swiftly moving towards more and more advancement, the youth of Pakistan is driven to catch up with that while the elder here see as a curse or some kind of trickery because they want their children to slow down and work in the similar manner they always have been.

It is very difficult for elders to comprehend the fact of using this excessive technology and most importantly they for elder it is very difficult for them to ingest the fact of having different thinking pattern of the youth and how it is different from the wat they had.

On the other hand, the youth demands from the elders to drastically, shift their thought pattern and understand their dynamic nature at the same pace they are adapting the world around them as youth around the globe believes bygones be bygones.

The cultures plays a great role to exaggerate this gap between generation because it makes them to not talk to each. Elder beliefs in Pakistan that it is their insult to learn new things like computers and mobile from the ones they taught how to walk and eat once.

While the youth of this region and specifically Pakistan beliefs that it would be a chore to teach the parents or the elder to use the technology and they fear that if in any rush of adrenaline they said something wrong would put the elders in pain and they would be at loss as well, so they start not to talk much.

Youth of Pakistan is very bright and imaginative but they lack this understanding the elders have been brought up into different age they can not comprehend everything at their pace.

Although the youth faces a lot of hardships due to these issues which all starts with a lack of understanding and communication they start to feel isolated and that their parents or grandparents or uncle aunts which are important in Pakistani culture are not able to understand their thinking and executing style which may include the leisure spent on gaming consoles rather than having a picnic, having to work online in comparison to go out work even though earning in multi times more.

The is so staggering in Pakistan is all since we have culture interconnected with religion and we are battling to keep up with the orthodox culture and trying to be advanced as well, what ist the need of time that youth should be giving time to elder to become more and considerate to what they are pursuing in life or else try to find some neutral pathway upon which they start working.

And, if we talk about elders they need to untangle themselves from really orthodox beliefs and working styles and they need to talk out their young ones and also they need to ingest the fact that new ages can not be passed with old strategies.

The time needs a Tabula Rasa which is a clean slate that must moderate and modulated according to the suitability of both generations.

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Hello. I am Ume Aammarah Hashmi. I am a student like many of you and working as well as many of you. Well, I am a psychologist and charted accountant both in progress you might be wonder what both of them, well indeed. I enjoy studying diverse worlds in correlation I started writing a years ago it is a catharsis with which I can express myself because this the way I put my ideas into articulation but I always try to put the idea with some proof and logic because when imagination meets logics it can bring a wonders presume. Well, I hope you enjoy my writing and get something out of it I am open to any criticism and praises, so looking forward to your response and your suggestion.

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