Foreign Resettling Amongst Pakistani Youth
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Foreign Resettling Amongst Pakistani Youth

Some would argue that the current era of modernization in Pakistan is at its peak. Especially among the Pakistani youth, who are so heavily influenced by western culture by means of media, social media, books, and content. Most of the youth strive to establish themselves in a foreign country. It has become somewhat of a staple of the current and upcoming generation.

The Ultimate Mindset

Common beliefs of people in our country are that foreign study is the first step to an independent future outside of Pakistan. After that, permanent settlement and citizenship can be thought about as a means of stability.

Once a firm base has been established, the path ahead can be smoother to traverse. Most commonly, the trend of Pakistanis moving abroad circulates among youngsters looking to settle down after completing a portion of their studies in any foreign institute. 

The mindset of these pupils is that the sooner they are able to become independent, the better. Being a young Pakistani student that has gotten the chance for foreign education, they can not afford to waste their opportunity.

Financing the Venture

For a Pakistani looking to study in a foreign country, costs can be quite high just for the institutions alone. In addition to that, accommodation for the student is not too cheap either. 

All in all, it is a notably expensive venture that not all Pakistani citizens can afford. Students do have the advantage of scholarships, though it is wholly dependent on their academic performance and potential. These scholarships can, however, ease some of the financial pressure of foreign educational institutes.

Though these expenses may not be as difficult to maintain for the elite class citizens, the upper-middle and middle classes can not always go down this route.

Not to say that Pakistanis moving abroad in the middle class is completely non-existent, since many middle-class youths are able to achieve foreign settling despite their financial hurdles. Their success in achieving this life-long dream ultimately leads to them adopting a better lifestyle than the one they had in Pakistan.

The Preferred Hosting Countries

The preferred countries to our youth are the same for many. European countries like Germany, Iceland, Belgium, or the UK are the choices for many students. These countries not only offer good opportunities for different educational fields, but they are also easy for permanent settlement. Pakistani students consider them as good options for establishing a stable future.

Other than European countries, America and Canada are also considered as a sustainable choice for Pakistani students looking to study abroad. The advantage to these countries is that the official language is English in both America and Canada, proving easier for Pakistani students to adjust to the environment as compared to any European country.

Of course, reasons for making a big decision such as this can differ from person to person. The commonly identified benefits for foreign education amongst the youth are that it gives them a wider perspective of the world and experience of the different cultures and way of life of foreigners. 

A major reason for wanting to acquire foreign education is that it gives the youth a chance to explore and discover new career paths and opportunities that would otherwise be unavailable to them. It also provides experience to a different style of education as compared to Pakistan.

Illegal Immigration 

Proper paperwork and acquiring citizenship in a foreign country, most notably in European countries, is costly and time-consuming. Many Pakistanis have been identified to resort to illegal immigration. An estimated 30,000 to 40,000 Pakistani people attempt to illegally immigrate to Europe, according to Pakistani Authorities. Commonly, this is done via Turkey or Iran.

Illegal immigration means attempting to get into a country by ways that break the laws of said country. The causes of this illegal immigration are many. The employment situation is one of the main reasons for this since job opportunities are fairly limited in Pakistan, and economic development occurs at a slow pace. 

All of these factors influence people to look for a better lifestyle by migrating abroad, and because they have no other way of getting into the country, they must resort to illegal methods like getting smuggled in.

Refugee Resettling 

Some resort to this trespass due to the fact that they may have family already settled in the country and are looking for a way to reunite with them. However, it is not limited to just trespassing the country but can also be by staying in the country even after the legally allowed span of time. 

More of these individuals conceal the urge to stay by fabricating cases of threat, poverty, forging property documents, and trying to find loopholes in laws and privileges to extend their visit visa. 

Pakistanis moving abroad are surpassing the number of Mexicans who are resident as illegal immigrants in the United States. People fancy better healthcare, the rule of law, peace, cleanliness, and more opportunities in these countries and hence go over the top to find themselves a place in their dream country so that they can pursue their dream life.

To grapple with the low-quality education, it is thought that children could be more groomed abroad than those living in Pakistan. Therefore, parents move with children abroad in the hope of getting a better future.

Offerings by Host Countries 

Whilst, at other times, giving birth at abroad facilities, could be used as means of green card or nationality at the country of their choice. 

Although illegal, numerous immigrants find a shelter and a place to live under the refugee charters and conventions of the countries they are residing in. Nations, by no choice, have a mandatory duty to follow and practice refugee rights by any means. 

Documents such as the United Nations Human Rights Declaration highly encourage and enforce to protect these rights hence bounding areas to give the legal or illegal immigrants rights to fullest. On the contrary, these immigrants get much more productive and work to their fullest. 

Some send remittances back home, helping Pakistan’s economy but actually, the more significant part of this work and employment goes back to the Gross Domestic Productive of the country they are resident in.

Students Settling in

Other conditions come as when post-graduates go on student visas and complete their education. Right after, these graduates sponsor their parents and relatives and form communities as they get jobs and employment. 

Furthermore, they are less likely to settle back in Pakistan. Whereas, a few numbers of immigrants swipe back in due to the fact that they want to connect to the culture and raise cultural children all along with the generation.

 In addition to that, people deem migrations and immigrations as freedom of expression at so many levels. One moving expresses his culture, society, and thoughts into a land of unknown. With this, the question arises, which goes as “Is this still in the category of freedom of expression even if it’s illegal immigration, or is it a crime?”. 

Countries such as Canada do not often ponder upon the situations in-depth, which is solely due to the lack of working-class in their nation.

Countries have altered their policies such as that of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) by the United States under which children immigrating to the country at a fragile age are given leverage. This came as a firm revolution in the immigrant community. Some still go cliche marrying women and getting green cards and citizenship easily and rapidly in some nations. 

Overcoming mass immigration

As a result, people’s eagerness and desperation lead them to opt for numerous ways to settle in the countries of their choice. Influence from westernization and globalization is still illuminated in the very reasons. Pakistan might be able to hold back nationals by providing better healthcare, vast employment opportunities, educational facilities, and upgrading the societies to live in a clean atmosphere. 

The bottom line is that an open-minded religious culture could enhance the removal of several stigmas and social affairs from the lives of many Pakistanis settling abroad. Youth could study and serve their country in cases where they have to return after their higher education abroad. 

Education abroad is the easiest and the most perfect way to groom one’s personality and lifestyle. Desis spend their entire life in the hope that one day they might be able to live a luxurious life in a clean, safe city with a significantly higher economy. While some may succeed in making their dream come true, others shut their eyes forever to the dream that could never come true!

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