Fake and Unqualified Professionals in Pakistan
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Fake and Unqualified Professionals in Pakistan

Pakistan’s top Mathematicians and Physicists rest in the comfortable beds of Oxford, MIT, Harvard, and Cambridge. They live far from the struggles of lack of recognition in this country, where there is no appreciation or respect for scholars, artists, and academics. However, not everyone likes to abandon their lovely country, so some remain here. And no matter their qualifications, they can get employed with just the right amount of money and just the right kind of background. 

More than your capabilities and talent, your influential background is considered to determine how successful you will be. A month ago, we had a regrettable mishap where a PIA plane was crashed in a residential area of Karachi. Over 97 lives were lost. But this wasn’t the first time that innocent civilians lost their lives because the professional they trusted got to this position with a fake degree and fake qualifications.  

When a country whose every sector is overflowing with corrupt mafias and corruption, nothing else can be expected. Most of our qualified individuals flee the country, what remains has the majority of unqualified engineers, doctors, pilots, irresponsible management, and corrupt lawyers. As a result, lives and futures are lost for good. 

The collapse of a Liyari Building: 

In Liyari, a five-story Residential building collapsed, on the night of last Sunday. It killed and injured many residents of the building. The building was already reported and declared as “Dangerous,” according to SBCA. After a thorough survey, investigation, and inspection of the place, it announced it dangerous on March 16, 2020. The notifications were already directed to the residents to evacuate the building as soon as possible (preferably within 15 days). 

Along with this building, over 250 other ill-designed and ill-engineered structures were declared hazardous, and most of these places were located in the South District of Sindh. 

Even though SBCA had asked to cut off the supply of utilities to these structures if the places aren’t quickly evacuated, but the efforts had been in vain. But is it the people who should be blamed or the architects and engineers of those century-old structures that are rarely renewed or maintained? 

Train Accidents: 

According to the data shared by the “Ministry of Railways” in August of 2019, seventy-four accidents took place all across the country, just in 11 months. These accidents have taken place somewhere between August 2018 till June 2019. Among these 74 accidents, 20 accidents involved the derailing of freight trains, and most others took place as a result of unmanned railway crossings. Some of the accidents of this nature are mentioned below:

  1. Rahimyar Khan: 74 people died in Tezgam Express in 2019 
  2. Sadiqabad: A train traveling to Quetta collided with cargo in 2018 
  3. Sukkur: Freight train derailed in Sukkur 2019 
  4. Makli Shah: Train hit with a stationary cargo and killed 3 in people, in 2019 
  5. Narowal: a train collided with a school van, injuring and killing many children, in December 2018. 
  6. Attock: train derailed near Attock, injuring over 20 people, in September 2018. 
  7. Sehwan: another Peshawar-bound train was derailed in September of 2018. 
  8. Mehrabpur: In 2007, a train came off its rail and killed and injured many people, the train was fully packed with people going home to celebrate Eid Ul Azha 
  9. Ghotki: Killing 132 and injuring over 100 people, three passenger trains collided in Ghotki in 2005. 

In these few incidents mentioned above, The Pakistan Railways said the crashes were caused by a train conductor mistakenly misreading a signal. Nothing else can be expected when no proper training is given to the drivers, and they are never realized the duty that they have to carry on their shoulders of these passengers, as well as their families.

Medical Mishap: 

Naswa, a nine-month-old child, lost her life in May of 2019. She faced a horrific and tragic death at the “Darul Sehat Hospital” located in Karachi. The incident put the dangerous and disaster-prone healthcare system of our country into the spotlight. As per the reports, the infant died because of an overdose of an electrolyte, which became lethal and proved fatal for the baby. It was also reported that the mode by which it was delivered was incorrect because potassium chloride (KI) is supposed to be given slowly and gradually, drop by drop. Many questions arose from this unfortunate death, which included the quality of education and training of doctors and nurses if there is any. 

PIA Plane Crashes: 

The most recent incident of this nature was on May 22, 2020, which involved an accident of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) in Karachi. When the report of this incident that killed and wounded almost 100 people was submitted to the Aviation Division, the report declared that the cause of the crash was a human error. 

Aviation Minister, Ghulam Sarwar said that almost 40 percent of the pilots in Pakistan are not qualified to fly the planes but continue to do so because of fake flying licenses. The Aviation Minister revealed this shocking news about the pilots, with no real qualifications. He was presenting a report of the provisional inquiry in the National Assembly of Pakistan concerning the recent PIA crash incident in a residential area of Karachi. 

“Pakistan has 860 active pilots, including PIA, Serene Air, and Air Blue pilots. The inquiry which was initiated in February 2019 showed that 262 pilots did not give the exam themselves and asked someone else to sit for an exam on their behalf,” said Ghulam Sarwar. He also mentioned how they had found this out during an investigation that these “fake” pilots with no license literally asked someone else to sit in their exams and had little or no flying training or experience. This percentage also included hundreds of pilots who are not flying at the moment. 

 Who exactly must we blame for these continuous losses in lives? Should we blame the “professionals” on whom people trust their lives and futures? Should we blame the management? Or should we blame the administration who has never really kept a regular check on the qualification and training of these professionals? Who should be accused? When will the actions be taken? Will it be after either we all lose our lives or flee this country for good?

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