Exam Stress, Depression, and what can you do about it?

Around Pakistan, from March to mid-June, the atmosphere becomes a bit more serious and tense around schools, neighborhoods, and streets and in people’s homes. This is because most of the students are busy studying at homes, they attend coaching classes for extra help, and some take pressure or are determined to do well in their upcoming papers.
However, when the time finally comes for children to study, it also brings mental stress, panic, and depression in children, due to examination preparations and studies.

What is exam stress?

Exam stress is pretty common amongst students. A little pressure is good to make you focus and prepare well for exams. But everything should have a limit to it. A lot of pressure just causes depression and stress among students.
During exam stress, you may have headaches or might feel confused, having difficulty in making simple, everyday decisions, or having blackouts. You may also experience mood swings when you sometimes feel pretty positive and determined while sometimes you feel down or demotivated.
Why do students feel exam stress?

Satisfy expectations

One of the first and major reasons for exam stress is pressure from families. Sometimes, families expect too much from their children. They want their child to achieve flying marks or an A grade in their exam or sometimes, the family is too competitive and wants their child to score more marks than their cousin or friend. This is why children get pressurized that they have to score good marks or achieve a decent grade to fulfill the expectations of their family.

Too many expectations

Sometimes, the child is expecting too much from one’s own self. It is because the child is already a topper and wants to continue scoring marks to achieve the highest position in class or school and have an excellent grade. And sometimes, the average students are concerned only about their final examination, for which they decide to work very hard. In both cases, you expect too much from yourself and exam stress is experienced in the fear that you may not fulfill that expectation.

Lack of preparation

This is also a common reason why students feel exam stress. Most of the students we all have witnessed have fun the whole year round and only take
studies seriously at the end of the year. Due to lack of preparation or start studying too late, students experience exam stress. They think that they would not be able to complete the whole syllabus on time. They always have the feeling that they are not well prepared for their exam.

Fear that they will fail

Sometimes, the student is feeling very demotivated. This is because having a bad year as far as academics is concerned and thinks that he or she cannot perform well in their upcoming exams. They think that they are only capable of getting a passing mark or grade or they will flunk the exam.

Cannot understand what they are studying

It is normal when you cannot understand or fail to remember what the teacher or your professor said in the lecture which took place a couple of months ago. This is another reason for mental stress. Students think that they would not be able to study if they do not understand a particular chapter. They think that they will fail if a question comes on that particular topic or chapter, not realizing that there are so many other chapters that can go well.

Fulfilling college or university requirements

People take stress because they need to get a certain grade to enter a college or university of their preference and favorite. Most of the educational institutions have a high criterion set for the admission of students. This is why, the students aim for that grade or mark to get into their favorite college or university, causing mental stress during exams.

How to overcome exam stress?

Exam stress must be overcome in one way or the other and that too it must be overcome in time. If you do not get rid of it, you will find it very difficult to study and give your exams. Besides, if you do not overcome this in time, it will be too late to study with full focus and attention. Here are some ways in which you can get rid of exam stress.

Take help from your teachers

Your teachers are always here to help. Do not think if the teachers would mind if you ask them too many questions. In reality, they like when you ask them questions as they have a feeling of self-worth when you come up to them. Ask them for help if you are having a problem with one of the topics. Ask them to explain the chapter or the concept to you again so everything is clear and the gap you were feeling in your exam preparation is no longer there.
You can also go up to your teacher for advice when you are experiencing mental stress. Surely, they will have some useful tips to give you so that you can study productively. They can also give you advice regarding how to complete the syllabus or how to ensure that you are following your study routine.

Talk to your parents

All parents want their child to pass with flying numbers but not at the expense of their feeling under pressure or going through stress. Talk to your parents if you feel too pressurized by their expectations. Or, have a conversation that you will do your best but not get disappointed if you do not get the expected result. Surely, your parents will support you and help you with getting rid of the pressure.

Do not expect too much from yourself

Keep in mind that all children cannot be good at academics. Everyone has a different thing, which they excel, or have the potential to excel in. Therefore, do not expect too much from yourself when you are preparing for yourself. There must be some other thing which you are excellent in, which would not require any of your “75 plus percentage” or an “A grade or above”.

Do your best

Do not put in the extra effort. Do not push yourself to cover the whole syllabus. Do what your body and mind’s capacity allows you to do. If you are tired of doing just five topics out of fifteen, leave the rest. Because this is how much you can exert yourself or your mind can retain. Just give your hundred percent and leave the rest to god and fate. You must give your best shot and work hard.

Keep in mind that there are plenty of colleges out there

You must remember that you cannot get into your favorite college. Therefore, you need to have an alternative in mind. You have to work as hard as possible to get the required grade and leave the rest to fate. Remember that there are plenty of good colleges out there for everyone to fit in. You will also find a good college for you to go to.

You couldn’t study when you are stressed out

Keep asking yourself questions if stress can do anything for you? Being stressed out would not mean that you will be able to study well or you will get good marks. When your mind is under a lot of stress, it is difficult to concentrate because of which, it is also difficult to study and give your exam. Try to motivate yourself and then get rid of your stress. This will lead to a feeling of self-worth and confidence in you.
Mental stress is very common nowadays, especially among the young crowd, and the major reason is because of the exam pressure they take. It is also a responsibility of the parents and teachers to not complicate studies too much and let children and students perform to the best of their abilities. This way, it will be easier for them to show what other talents they have, as they would not be pressurized about exams. Stop believing that an F grade on one of your papers will ruin your life or make life difficult. Instead believe in the power of self-belief, hard work, and fighting back.

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