Domestic Goddesses: Pakistan’s Home Cooks

Pakistan is a place that is known for its lavish food, full of spices and taste. Pakistani likes to eat all kinds of street foods, cafes, dhabbas, five-star restaurants and even home-cooked food. Pakistani women have found this as an opportunity to show their full potential and deliver their home-cooked food to people who are fond of eating different types of food dishes.
Social media, such as Facebook has helped their food to be known and reach all over the city. The food they deliver is Pakistani, Italian, Chinese and desserts.

How did this process start?

Many Pakistani women have joined a group where they share recipes of their home-cooked meals. Not only this but they also share their experiences at restaurants when they go out with their friends and family.
From here, the women shifted to making home-cooked meals from their own or other’s recipes and this small start became bigger and bigger over a short period. Now, there are several popular pages, run by women, who take daily orders and deliver fresh home-cooked meals.

Advantages to women by being a Home Cook

Doing what they like

We have always heard to pursue that path that you like and do the work that you love doing. These women are doing just that as they love cooking and they have finally made a way of earning through cooking. It is a major advantage for them as they are enjoying what they do and also earning a decent income. Their meals are not just being prepared for their friends, family and close ones but they are reaching a lot of people around the city.

Earn an income

They earn a decent amount of income by cooking different types of dishes and delivering it to the people. It is appreciable that they have worked their way of earning an income for them by doing the thing that they love.

A good way to spend time

Most of the women who have started this venture are housewives. Rather than doing typical household chores, they are now doing something more meaningful and productive. They are showing their potential and their taste to all the Pakistanis. They now have something good to do, for which, they are now known and are shown appreciation for.

Advantages to others of Home Cooks

Less Costly

The dishes and meals these women prepare are far cheaper than similar dishes found at restaurants. This is also one of the main reasons why these Home Cooks Facebook pages have become so famous as they deliver good food at low prices.

Better hygiene and quality

According to the reviews on Home Cooks’ pages, there are hardly any complaints against them regarding taste, quality and hygiene. These women make sure that food is delivered to the customers fresh. Kitchens and these cooks make sure to ensure hygiene more than chefs in a restaurant.

Better taste and healthier

Everyone knows that home-cooked food is far better and healthier than food from outside. However, people get bored with eating at home all the time. Because of these women, people can now eat healthy home-cooked meals, which are healthy and they can also experience a different taste.

A good option for those missing home-cooked food

There are many students and workers who are away from home, have to eat from outside, and they have not got a chance to eat a home-cooked meal. However, these people can now get home-cooked food, even if they are away from home.
These women are trying their best to impress everyone by their food. Therefore, we must support them and be a part of this initiative. It is good to be a part of the success of a local and small-scale business.

 Afshan Riaz Bhayani
Afshan Riaz Bhayani


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