COVID-19 and The Changed World

The novel Corona Virus, which originated from Wuhan, China, in late 2019, has taken over almost every part of the world now. It would not be wrong to say that no one has escaped the wrath of this microscopic organism, which is neither alive nor dead, and it has taken over everyone’s lives. No one in the world has not been impacted by this pandemic. The worst part is that the pain that this virus has inflicted upon this entire world is said to last long after its existence becomes a history. And that this pandemic is going to change the picture of our society, for good. 

Incompetence of Governments 

What is widely anticipated is that, after this pandemic is over, people will actually be able to see how incompetent most of the world governments are, and how they have prioritized wrong departments since the start of democracy. We can see how arms and ammunitions have always been given more importance than the development of the health department, especially in developing countries like Pakistan. This is precisely why we have faced so many casualties throughout the world due to this pandemic, and the number is still rising. After this all is over, we might be able to realize that the world politicians need first to be able to protect their people from inside and then they can worry about the external alien forces because no nuclear weapons or atomic bombs have managed to kill this microscopic being, who has single-handedly caused a major catastrophe. 

Social Impact 

As far as social impact is concerned, one can see two possibilities. Either, people might take a very long time to get indulged in big social gatherings and keep on taking all these precautionary measures to avoid any such future pandemic. They might continue to wear masks and gloves, and perhaps the market industries of soaps and hand sanitizers are going to bloom even after all this is over. However, another possibility could be that people will finally realize how important it is to be in the company of another person. We might start cherishing the presence of each other. Maybe, people would start respecting and appreciating differences in human beings and may also develop empathy for the animals who have been caged for a very long time. Since we now know how exactly a cage feels like.  

World Culture 

Corona Pandemic might also have an adverse effect on world culture. Soo, many concerts have been canceled, many art galleries and museums have been shut down, and the caretakers of such galleries and museums might also be stuck at home. There could be a chance that these historic and culturally rich sites may lose their essence if quick action is not taken. If these things go out of demand, our whole history and culture can have a significant drawback.  

Environmental Impact 

Among many adverse impacts that this pandemic is having and will have on this world, one thing is for sure; it has a significant positive impact on the world environment. Since there is a lockdown, many of the people stay at home, which means vehicles, especially public transport has been shut down. Public transportation is a significant cause of world pollution, and since their use is put to a halt, it will result in less pollution in the world. Secondly, industries and factories have been shut down. They have been responsible for the release of many toxic gases that thin out our ozone layer. With these factories being closed down now, there might be a chance that the world’s ozone may start to regenerate. Lastly, due to fewer tourists on beach sights, water pollution has also decreased, and the sea animals that haven’t been seen for a very long time are also returning to the shore. It seems like nature is sighing with relief as humans are caged inside. 

Economic Impact 

Economically, there might be a chance that there would be a major world economic crisis. Since the oil market has already crashed, there are many countries whose major part of the economy depended on tourism like Turkey. With many international flights canceled, such countries might have a significant impact. Some countries’ major part of the economy depends on the funds from international students, like Australia. Due to the pandemic, many students won’t be able to make it to the semester on time. As a result, many countries will face an economic downfall, which might ultimately lead to a major world financial crisis if an immediate plan is not developed and implemented. 

This world corona pandemic is, and will have quite severe effects on supply-side, particularly on international traveling, investing, and manufacturing. All these uncertainties and a significant decrease in traveling are leading people to work from home. Still, many industries can’t progress with work-from-home employees, resulting in loss of incomes and reduction in demand. If the situation does not get better, it has a chance of leading to permanent output loss. This will have the worst effect on the lower and lower-middle-class labors industry and could leave them vulnerable for a long time. This might also lead to a rapid increase in crime rate. 

On a positive note…….. 

However, this pandemic might bring our families closer, and we might realize the duty we owe to our family. Due to our busy schedules, most of us might not be able to spend quality time with our family, and since we have nothing better to do than stay at home 24/7, we can get to know our families again, and do different activities with them to make memories. Although this pandemic has many negative impacts on the world, it also has certain positive effects that should not ever be overlooked. Finding positivity in hard times such as these, is what is important for our survival, we can see this as a time when we can work to improve ourselves and find ourselves that we might have lost somewhere in our busy day-to-day routine.


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