I am all “ALONE”


The feeling of being vulnerable and alone is worst of all. You might be thinking why have I said that well the answer is “solitary confinement.”

Whenever a person is subjected to any kind of abuse, it is very common to develop vulnerability, loneliness, and adrift. The children are facing this music in much worse ways.

In Pakistan, child abuse is found in numerous ways which may include primarily Physical, Mental, Sexual, Financial, and Self Gains. There are multiple reasons behind all these abusive interventions but a major cause is that perpetrators do this to the children more often than they do not even know that something wrong is happening to them, or money and also forsake satisfaction of egos.

Physical Assault

This type of child abuse in Pakistan is so common that it is not even regarded as abuse, parents themselves hit their children with God knows whatnot. The munition can be a slipper to water pipes, there are millions of cases where parents more commonly step-parents burn children with cigarettes and even reduce their food.

Household workers or helpers are most likely to get physically assaulted by their employers. There are millions of cases reported where people have to pummel or thrash the kids to death.

Recently a man who lives in a well-known and posh vicinity of Rawalpindi brought a kid “Zahra” (of 8 years) to the hospital, she was brutally mutilated and could not survive the injuries.

 Upon the investigation, it was brought to light that she mistakenly left the cage of expensive parrots opened and the parrot flew away so the employer somehow had the right to bring justice and had all the right to pull out his anger upon that angel who was serving them.

Then there was an infamous yet insanely inhumane act that held 2013 the child “Muhammad Saqib” aged 10 was killed on accusation of picking ice from an ice vendor named “Masih” with the ice piercer.

Furthermore, there are physical assault very common in schools, colleges, madrasas are also very common and no one can say anything against them because religiously in Pakistan teachers are regarded as spiritual fathers.

I am not saying teachers are not essential in an integral part of society; however, if someone is corrupt, they must be held accountable.

Mental Assault

This is another kind of assault that is common worldwide and very common in Pakistan. Primarily it happens in familial structure people in Eastern society believe that they all have the right to keep an eye on others’ children.

This rat race of my child has achieved this much marks than yours, which is a very common reason for suicide attempts in Pakistani children.

Suicide is a silent killer among the students of Pakistan because they are repressed and hegemonized to such mental torture that they have no other thing to think or look for any other quality which obviously has.

This happens because they believe that they are not going to full fill the dreams of people around them.

Another aspect that is the cause of mental assault lacks understandability of children and parents due to the presence of generation gap and opinion difference and may lead to multiple mental health issues.

Moving forward there has been an almost 70% increases in the divorce rate across Pakistan, the fight among the parents and constant pugnacious environment leads to mental distress and mental torture as children feel that they are the prime reason for all that mess in fact in many cases parents say such harsh words that they pierce through their mind and soul.

Lastly, I would say mental assault is driven by physical assaults as well but a thwack upon the soul is worse than on the body which most sexual in this case.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is itself is a major one of the humungous crimes taking place across Pakistan. 

There is innumerate case there are reporting and not reporting as well, whether it is the Zainab case which was highlighted or Marwa which was not but it happening almost everywhere the children are sexually assaulted by their own family member including uncles, grandparents, friends, friend’s parents, teacher and who is not involved into this filthy game.

There are multiple cases that teachers have raped and in fact were keep on raping the children because they would be easy to keep shut and shun.

The school and madrassa are hatcheries for the perpetrators. There was an incident of a boy being raped multiple times by two men in a school in Karachi by the two staff members one of them was a teacher dated 13 November 2019.

Another case was reported of a boy raped by his teacher from his madrassa and he the perpetrator sodomized to the level that he was kept in hospital for several to keep him alive dated 4 May 2017 in kehror Pakka.


The financial aspect is another issue that is very important to talk about because it is very common that lead to abuse of children there are thousands of kids working in the kilns of bricks and there are also kids working in the field for the sake of money.

 Money is a thing which prime importance in the life of every human being and for children it has been the true nightmare because they force to earn the bread for their families but due to this fact there are multiple ways in they are abused in their workplace which can be sexual or physical or of any kind.


We need to address that to restore the law enforcement because we have piles of law on the constitutional level yet thee little enforcement we need to bring awareness to a social system that children are the assets of our society.

So, we need to bring them up with complete independence giving them every right to raise their voice against any kind of assault, and as a society, we must not question the victim instead of standing by their side to empower every child and not only the victims but them as well.

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Hello. I am Ume Aammarah Hashmi. I am a student like many of you and working as well as many of you. Well, I am a psychologist and charted accountant both in progress you might be wonder what both of them, well indeed. I enjoy studying diverse worlds in correlation I started writing a years ago it is a catharsis with which I can express myself because this the way I put my ideas into articulation but I always try to put the idea with some proof and logic because when imagination meets logics it can bring a wonders presume. Well, I hope you enjoy my writing and get something out of it I am open to any criticism and praises, so looking forward to your response and your suggestion.

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