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Steps To a Successful Interview

Are job interviews a nightmare for you? Do you get nervous before they even start? Well, you are not alone. Most people panic when it comes to job interviews, as a lot is riding on that for them. If you haven’t had much experience with job interviews in the past, …

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Black Marketing Of Gold in Africa

Gold slavery or Zama – Zama (independent gold mining) is the ongoing tradition in South Africa, Johannesburg, in particular. Some of the areas of South Africa are not developed enough to provide high job opportunities, therefore, they may have to move Johannesburg for illegal gold mining. Some are even kidnapped …

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The Whitewashing Of Black Money in India

All the unaccounted funds on which no tax is paid is referred to as black money. In India, this concealment of unaccounted money or Black Money is becoming a popular trend. All the criminals, tax evaders, smugglers, hoarders and many other anti-social groups who are not scared of being punished …

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