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Black Marketing Of Gold in Africa

Gold slavery or Zama – Zama (independent gold mining) is the ongoing tradition in South Africa, Johannesburg, in particular. Some of the areas of South Africa are not developed enough to provide high job opportunities, therefore, they may have to move Johannesburg for illegal gold mining. Some are even kidnapped and forced to work for gangs and some work independently. Every trafficked miner is responsible to earn his own freedom by giving two grams of gold ore per week to his bosses. This procedure continues for two or eight weeks, where the miners are provided with nothing except food. From the official records, it was found that in Johannesburg, gold excavation and the scrapping of worth US$550 was done per annum. 

But why people do this? Simply because it is an easy chance to make money. Unemployment in South Africa is so much so that about 25% (officially) or probably higher than this are hunting out for a suitable job. Many like Zama – Zama come from poorer Africa in search of work. Under the apartheid system, big mining companies forced these people to live in hostels and do gold mining work in harsh conditions. Now with protests and strikes, these big companies are dysfunctional. 

Lately, in 2017, it was discovered that illegal miners of South Africa are smuggling gold and platinum in condoms to avoid customs. This cost the industry a loss of $1.5 billion per year. Illegal gold mining has thus caused destruction to the mining sector of South Africa in the past decades. Not only gold but also this threat has spread to diamond and chrome. 

The condition is becoming so worst in South Africa that due to over mining of gold the reserves are dwindling. Whereas the remaining gold is inaccessible and dangerous to extract. This is happening all because of the lack of mining policies and the deadly warfare continuing between the rivalries. Many news channels have visited the mines of Johannesburg and found out the everyday violent struggle of the forced workers to limb for the illegal gold mining. 

In South Africa, there is a black market for gold, which is legal. The gold here is pure and authentic but has no legal transportation documents. Its main profit is getting gold without at lower rates as it is tax-free. It is open for the business person who wants to smuggle gold from here to other countries. The only required condition is owning a private jet. Because of its profitable characteristics, many are confused about where to buy gold from the black market of Africa. If you google the same then DR CONGO GOLD LTD will be the top name flashing on the list. This company runs its business all over the world. CONGO’s official offices are located in Dubai, South Africa, Kenya, and Uganda. They possess those gold mines, which are unrecognized by the government of the democratic republic of Congo. The gold mined from here is sold without any tax. They are selling this gold in the black market because this gold is unrecognized. They guarantee the safety and security of gold they are selling to their customers. 

South Africa, as we all know is a country with a sad reality, it is no doubt that poverty and civil wars have always been the main problem with it. This company ensures great quality as the gold is processed by them and also a lot of charity is done by this company. Their aim is to minimize poverty, particularly from Congo. 

When a customer walks into a jewelry store, weddings or any special occasion in front of the mind. Rarely does a customer thinks about the origin of the gold that they are buying and its environmental costs. Around 20% of gold comes from Zama Zama or small-scale mining, which done in hazardous conditions. Thus, it leads to environmental pollution and the loss of many lives. Currently, one out of seven, every year dies and this is a horrible price for luxury, which the world is incapable of buying. Therefore, it is an advice to buy from certified and recognized gold jewelers to be sure of its origin and authenticity.

Sakshi Kocher
Sakshi Kocher


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