A Kid who unveiled Youtube's Secret Code

A Kid who unveiled Youtube’s Secret Code

This year’s top Youtube creator was Jimmy Donaldson, who is also known as MrBeast. He is now diversifying by vending off burgers.

Jimmy Donaldson dropped out of college at the age of 18, in 2016. The primary purpose of this was to find out: how a video on Youtube goes viral? Since the age of 12, he uploaded videos on Youtube but gathered a very minimal audience. However, he was sure that he was close to finding out the secrets that influence which videos Youtube users get recommended.

In the succeeding months, Donaldson, along with his companions, tried to figure out this secret. They did a lot of things in order to succeed in their mission. This included daily phone calls to look over which type of content gains the most views. They gave each other assignments regarding Youtube. They even did a lot of research on successful channels and studied data about their successful videos. Donaldson remarked about those days in a recent interview, “I woke up, I studied Youtube, I studied videos, I studied filmmaking, I went back to bed, and that was my life.”

Then finally, Donaldson got the idea and content for a video that will indeed work. The video was based on counting up to 100,000. Therefore, for the next 40 hours, he sat on a chair and counted from zero up to 100,000. When he was finished with counting, he said, “what am I doing with my life,” to end the video.

This video was under the caption, “I COUNTED TO 100,000!” This video was a massive success for Donaldson. He posted the video on 8 January 2017, and it immediately went viral. Since the video was uploaded, it has gained 21 million views.

No one knew that this video would turn the college kid into an overnight star. Currently, his channel has more than 48 million subscribers. These have mostly been attracted to the channel for the past 4 years. In the past 28 days, MrBeast has attained 34 million watching hours by viewers. On 12 December, Donaldson got the award for the Creator of the Year by Streamy Awards.

Donaldson is now 22 years old and has grown an uneven goatee. His followers say that he is extremely humble and avoids recording many interviews. However, he is very vocal when he talks about Youtube. He once remarked, “Once you know the secrets of how to make a video go viral, it’s just about how to get as many out as possible.

” By doing this, he said that one could earn “unlimited money.”

Donaldson only has the ambition to stay and grow on Youtube more and more and wants to develop ideas to make videos with unique content that will help him succeed more. This is very rare in Youtubers as most of them use Youtube as a platform to break out into industries such as filmmaking, acting, or singing.

He initially started Youtube as a 12-year-old, with two channels. He recorded him playing Call of Duty on one channel, and the other channel was for Minecraft. However, as time passed, he became interested in Youtube’s dynamics. Once, he even analyzed how much money top Youtubers are making, which included PewDiePie.

Youtube gave Donaldson his first payment when his channel reached 10,000 subscribers. The amount was not hefty, but it was the start of something big. In the beginning, he mostly filmed using his phone, without a microphone, and he faced editing issues as his laptop wouldn’t work. After completing his high school, he went to college for a few months at his mother’s request. However, shortly, without informing her, he dropped out and turned to his favorite pastime. His family had very little money at that time.

When his counting video was flourishing over Youtube, he learned a precious lesson. All his friends were looking to make easy money, while he wanted to show the audience how hardworking he was. Apart from the counting video, he watched another Youtuber rap for 10 hours on a loop, spent 24 hours in jail and on a deserted island.

Slowly and steadily, the views on his channel started to increase. In the first 6 years on Youtube, he achieved 6 million views. However, when he chose Youtube as his career at the age of 18, his channel generated about 122 million views in one year. This figure multiplied, and he got 460 million views the following year. Now, his channel attracts about 4 billion views. Donaldson said, “The beauty of Youtube is that double the effort doesn’t double the views, it’s like 10x.”

As he spent more and more time posting videos on Youtube, he learned many other Youtube mysteries. He suggests that people would not prefer to see long videos, and they won’t bother watching the extremely short ones. He keeps the video length from 10 to 20 minutes. He even focuses on putting the correct thumbnail and caption to attract viewers.

He makes content by mixing up mainly three Youtube genres. First is the challenges video, where several people are involved in primarily testing their endurance or strength. Second is the guest appearance, where he collaborates with different Youtubers. Lastly, he makes reaction videos.

Donaldson says that most of his views his channels get are not from new content uploaded. Instead, these views are on older posts that he has published. However, his real secret to success was the videos in which he counted up to 100,000 as viewers, like videos that test one’s endurance.

Donaldson has a lot of sources of income currently. He earns millions of dollars from advertising sales from his gaming and main channels and other social media pages. Donaldson thinks that if more money is invested, a better quality of videos can be created, so most of the money he earns is reinvested.

To this day, the video in which he has invested the most money costs 1.2 million dollars. The competitors kept their hand on one million dollars, and the last to remain took the money. These days, he distributes his wealth amongst the homeless people, or to his subscribers or the people who use the app Twitch.

Apart from this, he likes to spend money on lavish feats. He once wanted to give an entire island to a winner of a couple of challenges.

Donaldson has 50 people working for him currently who take care of logistics and production. Donaldson said in a recent interview that the videos he makes take 4-5 months of production, and sometimes only filming consumes 4-5 days.

In 2019, a popular topic over the Internet was PewDiePue vs. T series in most subscribers’ race. Donaldson supported PewDiePie to maintain his position on Youtube with the most subscribers. Donaldson made a lot of efforts to promote PewDiePie’s channel. Some of these efforts include going to the super bowl and even buying billboard advertisements to support his channel.

Donaldson received a suggestion to invest money out of Youtube to diversify his capital when he is done making Youtube videos. He has recently announced his new business venture known as the Beast Burger. About 300 restaurants are partnering up with him in preparing a burger just as he likes.

The venture has gained a lot of support from its fans as the MrBeast Burger app is now the second most popular app on the App Store. Customers can also order food delivery apps.

No matter how much he tries new things or diversifies, his love for Youtube will never end. He says that he cannot imagine a world without Youtube. His life will not be satisfactory if he is not required to work 12-15 hours a day.

Afshan Riaz Bhayani
Afshan Riaz Bhayani

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